The Mindset Needed to Overcome Adversity and Make Life Great Again (EP #39)

Making excuses will get you no where in life unless you fail multiple times setting you up for success..

Welcome to the show that proves in America anything is possible.

You are now about to hear the most inspirational podcast that exists online…. Where Giving Up and not relentlessly trying to become great is a sin. THE Robert Banker Podcast.. Because no one can ever hold you down  

Todays Personal Development and Motivation podcast went over several topics. Why Trump is able to use his speaking skills to inspire people, why he is so divisive. Secondly how it doesnt matter what Trump or Republicans do because in reality he actually isn’t president.

This Quote is from the great motivational speaker Tony Robins

Any thing is possible when you work hard and all of what you have committed to will workout. It’s kind of like when I say, you know, , cause as long as your mind as a way out when things get tough and you’ll rationalize and you’ll back off of your dreams, And so the other reason, I think, is that you know, I think it’s 85% of people broke in their new years resolution by the 1st week of February might be even higher these days. And I heard this year. Very few people are making resolutions ’cause they feel out of control in their way.

Best Example is a Baseball analogy because it is the best sport. You are a baseball player, and if every 10 times you come to bed, you get two hits, two hits out of 10. You are in the minor leagues. If you get three hits out of 10, you are in the Hall of Fame. Never give up. Every block down is a block up. Every misfortune is a fortune. Get off the porch. Do not give up if you have got a goal in mind and someone can tell you not to take that goal and you believe it. You do not have a goal. Stay on course.

I said if you want to change your life you can’t let the learning you have here lead to knowledge you become an idiot. Knowledge is not power knowledge is potential power knowledge is trumped everyday by execution. That if you really want to change your life you can’t let the learning you have here be everything. Knowledge needs to lead to action and then you can become wealthy financially mentally emotionally spiritually and everything else. At this point my life nothing surprises me because every culture is different in the world and the countries are working but we all have the same human needs and so I hope I don’t make any faux pass that be coming here for 25 years so I think I probably won’t make too many of them on here

Donald Trumps Speaking Skills

 A political scientist and psychologist are needed to help understand it Trump represents a wing of the party that has been very active for some time. A wing that is angry with the current situation in this country they are upset with the republican leadership they don’t feel like they have the leadership.

 “The United States and India are forging an even stronger security partnership US defense sales to India we’re looking forward to concluding several new defense deals very soon there are a lot of AM in the works here in America we’re creating the United states space force and we’re working closely with India”

Celebrity Obsession and Social Media Ruining Independent Thinking

Late Night Hosts Political Ideas

CNNs The Story of Late Night Episode 6 Showcases how it is seen as immoral to be a Republican or Conservative. Free thinking and the right of individual belief has been corrupted by Social Media.

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