About Gainz Media

GainzMedia.com is a News, Sports and Entertainment website headquartered in Michigan. Robert Banker founded TheGainzBank.com in 2017 and first launched as a fitness and health website. Over time he stopped updating and became obsessed with being a Personal Training Director. After relaunching TheGainzBank.com as a blog Robert shifted gears and became obsessed with video and audio editing. Today GainzMedia covers all aspects of life for the average person who doesn’t want to be told what to think. We have a dedicated team of reporters, photographers and editors who produce original content.

Today GainzMedia.com serves as the corporate foundation for the GainzMedia, we also have founded healthcomeback.com then Gainz Media Designs and now GainzAuto.com Which as we grow will take off as their own brand, stay tuned!

The History of Gainz Media can be found here.

We cover local and national sports stories that includes the major MLB, NBA, NFL and MAYBE NHL teams. We also write about college sports such as basketball and football. Because the other sports don’t matter, we cover University of Michigan Football unapologetically and give a small amount of attention to Michigan State.

We cover local and national news and entertainment stories as we see fit for our audience. We cover politics in a down the middle no spin explaining both sides manner.

GainzMedia.com can be a great tool in your toolbox to promote your company, special event or new product. We offer several advertising packages to fit your needs. We can provide you with banner and/or text advertising on our homepage or entire website. We can also promote your ad on our social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Rumble, TikTok and any of the other platforms. We even have profiles on the alternative Social Media platforms where thousands of Trump supporters cling to our feed. Waiting for a new funny or Motivational Trump video to be bestowed on them.

But What The Hell Is This?

The entire premise of Gainz Media LLC is to entertain and inform the average American. Secondly we produce a podcast called The Rob Diddy Podcast, which is basically my take on the world. Secondly we have a YouTube and Rumble video channel. Anything related to photo or video editing can be found on GainzDesigns.com where my full online Digital Media Content Portfolio exists.

What began as a way to kill time turned into my passion in life, this media company is ran by Robert Banker. Anything you would like to ask or submit please send to info@gainzmedia.com.

Our Digital Media content provides The Greatest Collection on the internet of Funny President Joe Biden video edits or Joe Biden video remixes. Whatever you want to call them, unrivaled creativity on our rumble and YouTube channels. Plus more videos of Trump dancing to YMCA than anyone should ever have made. I may be addicted to Trump dancing to YMCA by the Village People. Plus all of the classic anthems of a Trump MAGA Rally. Slipped in randomly into video creations like nobody has ever seen before.

The world needs a website that caters to random things like Jeep Cherokee, Politics, Sports, making fun of cable news anchors and Cats. But also some pop culture and some tool reviews, because why not. Let’s get after it!!!

This website serves as a blog, podcast page, Political Satire, Health and Fitness information and a digital media website on many issues. We deliver local news and updates for Novi, Michigan and all of Michigan Politics and News matters.

love making videos that showcase the funny side of politics and the media. We are completely joking in the videos on our rumble and YouTube channel. This company is not an ALT-RIGHT organization or website this is satire, entertainment aimed for people who are down the middle. I find Donald Trump to be hilarious and love making videos of his funny moments.

We also serve as WordPress installers aka Website Designers, Video and Photo editors plus Audio editing. Checkout https://gainzdesigns.com for all of our digital media design services.

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