Gainz Media Fact Checking

Google News and Facebook instant articles requires the below info and this entire page to exist, bare with us as we get serious for a moment.

Gainz Media posts news stories from local Michigan citizens, we indicate that if something is a product review or a blog it is indeed not real news. Unless it sits outside of the NEWS content section it is a story that is of opinion.

We systematically go through transcripts and videos looking for statements based on facts. Once we find a statement that we suspect may be inaccurate or misleading, we will engage – or attempt to engage – with the person or organization that is being fact-checked. The burden is on the person or organization making the claim to provide the evidence to support it.

If the supporting material shows that statement is accurate, we will drop it and move on to something else. Our mission is to reduce the level of deception and confusion in U.S. politics, so we focus on claims that are false or misleading.

Distortions and outright lies by politicians and pundits have become so common that major news outlets like CNN and Fox News bash each other nonstop about bias. If anything we post a news piece is found to be wrong we will update and comment about the reason it was updated.

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