About Us

At first I wanted to make a Fitness website to allow me to provide more personal training opportunities. Then I came to the conclusion my other interests could also help the company to grow. So while it may seem we aren’t directly invested in one category, the business is set to use Google SEO to bring in views from many topics. Then provide specialized and attention getting blog posts that create return visitors.

Under the Umbrella of GainzMedia there will be several website branches, healthcomeback.com will sell online personal training and workout plans. While 

thegainzbank.com will serve as a blog and thepoliticsbank.com will serve as a politics blog. As the company grows we will employ freelance writers to help provide content under the umbrella of our company. We will be a web based business that is an information hub to provide a service that is above and beyond our competitors.


Which was my first blog before I found the name Gainz Media and ran with it. This website is a blog run by Robert Banker, which covers the various things in life I am interested in. More info and posts are always coming, please stay tuned.

What Is GainzMedia.com?

Gainz Media is the hub of all things RobDiddy does.. aka Robert Banker. Essentially Gainz Media is meant to be a parent company to several other blogs and podcasts. Which we have done like nobody would believe.