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So I have a degree in Exercise Science and an ACE CPT certification. Despite being born with a bone disease and finding joy in my own health, during the pandemic I debated how to change careers. Having Osteogenesis Imperfecta limits how huge I can get.. However I know everything you need to know to help you with the certification process.
I also can help explain to you what a personal trainer actually does and how to prepare a workout plan for a harder client. There are also more posts and pages that can help guide you on the career of Personal Training available at 

heslth bank

Full Disclosure I own that website also and I realized that I should separate the content so that I can write my opinions somewhere different than my health and wellness information. 

Also, if you decide to go as an online Trainer or Health Coach there are options available for you at Which is my website design and graphics website. So one I own  and I will eventually be posting all of the Health and Exercise stuff on there. But there are certain things that don’t fit with the level of professionalism I want to have there. This is also why I for whatever reason own 5 Domains. So this page will feature workout articles and images that are also going to sometimes be on the main purpose is to build up an audience to support both websites.

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The Call to Action

So the Coronavirus Lockdowns took me from a 12 hour a day job to being at home with my parents all the time for basically 7 months. What you don’t realize is when you are basically sent back to your formative years with your family, even at 35 it resets you. I went fishing with my parents several times a week, one day I seen a beta male kayaking down the Huron River and chatted him up.The next day I bought two kayaks for me and my parents, without knowing it all of the influences on me since I got a job at 17 started to wear off and I was reset to teenage me. The me who taught himself HTML and Photoshop in 1999, which is what led me to throw myself back into this. 

When you break 30 bones before age 18 it makes you different, I was actually the natural leader and was mature for my age until I suddenly got into a run of not breaking bones. As I used Politics for material and learning how to dominate Google Analytics and SEO it set me up to be able to do this. My Exercise Science Degree was something that my upbringing in a Trailer Park in Southfield shouldn’t have been possible. At Age 35 self teaching WordPress and The Entire Adobe Creative Cloud without any help should have been impossible. 

Health Come Back

There will be a support forum on this website, anyone who wants to tell their story will be able to. What is missing is someone who has an ability to raise awareness, build up funding for a charity and most importantly inspire and encourage every child with Osteogenesis Imperfecta.

My name is Robert Eugene Banker and I am your warrior, every child, every teenager and adult. You want to learn how to deal with social anxiety because you have been out of school for a while? How do you get a girlfriend when you have OI? Can someone with OI have sex? I am your database, I have broken 50 bones, I’m about to be 36 and no one on this earth with OI has pushed himself to try to be normal more than me. I’m still not normal, but I am happy with how my life turned out

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