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My Name Is Robert Banker and I have Osteogenesis Imperfecta

So every single year when it is the week of my birthday, I reflect on my life and appreciate where I am today. I have a normal life, people look at me like this guy is skinny as hell even at my biggest gainz state. I’ve tried many different professions or career paths. Then I realized that my life story and experiences are something that other people needed to hear. So I was born with Osteogenesis Imperfecta, my baby book has 5 pages of loose leaf front to back with my fractures. My mom’s side of the family possessed the trait, my mom had a mild case and my dad never broke a bone in his life. But it got passed to me and it started off my life with a broken leg straight out of the womb. By the way, my dad has asthma and I got that too. 


The Next Chapter

Osteogenesis imperfecta (OI), also known as brittle bone disease, is a group of genetic disorders that mainly affect the bones.[1][6] It results in bones that break easily.[1] The severity may be mild to severe.[1] Other symptoms may include a blue tinge to the whites of the eye, short height, loose jointshearing loss, breathing problems and problems with the teeth.[1][4] Complications may include cervical artery dissection and aortic dissection.[7][8]


Heading 3


So my dad always showed me through his grit and determination that giving up wasn’t an option. He would start a project and when he became frustrated because he didn’t figure it out he’d get angry. But 5 minutes later he fixed the problem, because he taught himself how to work on cars and woodworking because he couldn’t afford for anyone else to do it. My mother had jobs and was always employed then I was born and diagnosed with Osteogenesis Imperfecta. So realistically, when your child that is your only child is made of glass you want to protect him. So my mom stopped working to take care of me and ensure I didn’t get hurt, but it didn’t help me not break bones. When I started having friends and going to school, I once broke my tibia because I ran into my boy on the playground. My parents were pissed at the kid, and every time I got hurt they were pissed at the other kid but in reality we were kids we didn’t understand it.


Realistically my entire life, my anxiety and  my parents financial situation is all because of the fact I had brittle bone disease. Homer C. Linard was the first orthopedic doctor that I ever had for years, in fact if I break a bone and need surgery going to the Orthopedist is like seeing a family friend. My friend’s Wife once was the person who brought me down from surgery after breaking my knee cap in three places at age 26 and heard a sick freestyle from me. I don’t even rap, but that’s what happens on anesthesia. Most of the people who I’ve been friends with or worked with never know that I have OI. It’s never a topic until I get hurt or someone brings up how skinny I am.

What Osteogenesis Imperfecta is really like

Google it you see kids in wheelchairs, you see doctors speaking out on the science of it and how it is incurable. Then you hear about how it affects collagen in every part of the person’s body. I worked out harder than anyone and ate more protein than anyone and it made me look normal, not jacked. When you break a bone and the pain is at it’s worst, you miss school, then when you go back people ask mad questions about where you were. Asthma and OI means even more missed time, I was afraid of going back to school and seeing anyone from school in the real world. If my parents took me shopping we traveled down the road so I didn’t run into anyone I knew. Being a teenager plus broken bones and sickness is horrible.

So no one mentions how collagen is the building block of human life, the majority of my life has been impacted by my teeth. They grew weird and I had buck teeth, then they were yellow then as I aged they broke. If you actually read to this point, you know my family was barely making it. So as an employee of Meijer I could get a root canal but not the crown because I couldn’t afford it. Then my teeth broke down and got pulled leading to gaps, if Reba Fayth and her tremendous mom Kim Bibik didn’t help me I wouldn’t have the best teeth in the United States. Meanwhile 94% of Dentists don’t acknowledge that Teeth are impacted by OI and they run their sales pitch and guilt trip so that you take out loans for them to fix your teeth. They get cashed out and then you pay for a root canal and crown that eventually will fall out, because your bones will still degenerate. This is why I am making this post to help educate OI Patients by creating a community of support.

The Call to Action

So the Coronavirus Lockdowns took me from a 12 hour a day job to being at home with my parents all the time for basically 7 months. What you don’t realize is when you are basically sent back to your formative years with your family, even at 35 it resets you. I went fishing with my parents several times a week, one day I seen a beta male kayaking down the Huron River and chatted him up.The next day I bought two kayaks for me and my parents, without knowing it all of the influences on me since I got a job at 17 started to wear off and I was reset to teenage me. The me who taught himself HTML and Photoshop in 1999, which is what led me to throw myself back into this. 

When you break 30 bones before age 18 it makes you different, I was actually the natural leader and was mature for my age until I suddenly got into a run of not breaking bones. As I used Politics for material and learning how to dominate Google Analytics and SEO it set me up to be able to do this. My Exercise Science Degree was something that my upbringing in a Trailer Park in Southfield shouldn’t have been possible. At Age 35 self teaching WordPress and The Entire Adobe Creative Cloud without any help should have been impossible. 

Health Come Back

There will be a support forum on this website, anyone who wants to tell their story will be able to. What is missing is someone who has an ability to raise awareness, build up funding for a charity and most importantly inspire and encourage every child with Osteogenesis Imperfecta.

My name is Robert Eugene Banker and I am your warrior, every child, every teenager and adult. You want to learn how to deal with social anxiety because you have been out of school for a while? How do you get a girlfriend when you have OI? Can someone with OI have sex? I am your database, I have broken 50 bones, I’m about to be 36 and no one on this earth with OI has pushed himself to try to be normal more than me. I’m still not normal, but I am happy with how my life turned out

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