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The top digital media site for honest podcasts, budget tech reviews, content creator how tos, budget Jeep Cherokee repairs and so much more.


Today serves as the corporate foundation for the GainzMedia, we also have founded Gainz Media Designs and Which as we grow will take off as their own brand, stay tuned!

Our Digital Media content provides The Greatest Collection on the internet of Funny President Joe Biden video edits or Joe Biden video remixes. Whatever you want to call them, unrivaled creativity on our rumble and youtube channels. Plus more videos of Trump dancing to YMCA than anyone should ever have made. I may be addicted to Trump dancing to YMCA by the Village People. Plus all of the classic anthems of a Trump MAGA Rally. Slipped in randomly into video creations like nobody has ever seen before.

The world needs a website that caters to random things like Jeep Cherokee, Politics, Sports, making fun of cable news anchors and Cats. But also some pop culture and some tool reviews, because why not. Let’s get after it!!!

This website serves as a blog, podcast page, Political Satire, Health and Fitness information and a digital media website on many issues. We deliver local news and updates for Novi, Michigan and all of Michigan Politics and News matters.

love making videos that showcase the funny side of politics and the media. We are completely joking in the videos on our rumble and youtube channel. This company is not an ALT-RIGHT organization or website this is satire, entertainment aimed for people who are down the middle. I find Donald Trump to be hilarious and love making videos of his funny moments.

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