Accounts You Should Follow for Inspiration

  1. Elliott Hulse

“1. Vision
Successful men have a vision that is aligned with their deepest purpose. This gives them certainty in the action they’re taking.
It also gives them limitless energy to attack their goals.
2. Who You’re being
Successful men’s action proceeds from stillness. This is because they’re embodying their King.
The King doesn’t do, feel, or think. He just is. He’s still.
When your action proceeds from this stillness, it will be purposeful, right, and filled with intent.
Most men, however, take action that proceeds from neuroticism and filling up time. This is because they’re embodying a shadow aspect of the warrior.
This leads to a full schedule, but empty accomplishment.
3. Patience
Successful men stay grounded when achieving their goals.
Thus, they schedule their action into bite-sized pieces so they can stay energized, and ensure they dominate each day.
Most men want to build their empire in a day.
And this may lead to a few days of high productivity, but eventually, this leads to burnout.
All of this said, successful action, ALPHA action, stems from knowing your purpose,

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