Apparently Bird Watching is Back During the Pandemic and here’s my attempt

Honestly after I bought the new camera, I was curious about it’s zoom. I was only going to use it for creating my own video content, but then I got bored and started wondering what it looked like with the extreme zoom. Then I found out people take photos of birds and sometimes you can actually sell them online for passive income. I always loved birds and also it’s an excuse to be outside, so here is a incredible example of why having a great zooming camera is legit. Imagine that you’re maybe a quarter mile from a pile of rocks that looks like its dirt or sand from the Menards in Wixom parking lot. Now here’s what you see thanks to a great zooming camera lens.

So in this instance the lens on this camera is so powerful that from a quarter of a mile away I can take a picture that makes out individual rocks on this pile. Which means I have the power to capture birds and animals from a longer distance without disturbing them.

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