Believe Me… Cherokee XJ Headlights are a Total Disaster

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 Over the last few days I have been playing in the headlights on my jeep Cherokee. What has happened has been this…Now after getting everything attached rebuilt and two Silverstar headlights that run almost $60. I had a headlight assembly fall out after I spent 20 minutes working to adjust. The simplest task of changing headlights has turned into a tremendous nightmare. So I will put a gallery down below of these tremendous headlights and give an honest review of them because honestly no one ever stated that the Cherokee at any point after 2000 and there were all these Fast and Furious Aftermarket lighting upgrades…That XJs had great stock headlights.


The most difficult part of all of this was my bought this truck there was only one working hood latch and over that. At some point both headlights just didn’t work and my dad took the whole part in the front end to fix them and did not tell me that he had parts in a pump with a hood latch just weren’t in. That’s what happens when you have your father got to work just need to get him so one day I decide to go to the gas station, While my dad was at  work and had no idea the Hood Latches were not in the Jeep. So this is got to tell you sometimes you can’t give the other person working on a project you should probably communicate.


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