From 99 XJ Rust Repair to Current XJ Build Status

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These below videos detail the coolant system issues I have been dealing with other the last month or so. While the rust has been knocked down allot and looks somewhat decent. I am now replacing the radiator, alternator, thermostat and reinstalling the trans cooler. Also my alternator has now been confirmed dead.

The blockage that made my thermostat stay closed with my thermostat staying closed, that is why there was not anything circulation. When i burped the radiator i was getting the stuff I had put on the other side or previously in like i brand cleaner through it and the engine flush was bubbling up after i put antifreeze in it so it was a blockage or some failure.

The new video tomorrow coming explaining the install and whatnot but this is kind of just showing you what it’s like when you burp a Jeep Cherokee coolant system.

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