Is My Jeep Cherokee XJ Dying if There’s Random Steam???

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Saturday there was a massive rain storm and sudden onset hailing, my XJ rocked through it with ease. Sunday as I went to stores nearby to by to contemplate what digital camera to upgrade too..

I walked into Best Buy and looked behind me and there was a small amount of steam coming from under my XJ by the spot where the cab turns into the fire wall. Later on when I got home steam then again came out but this time from under the hood. I looked underneath and there was anti freeze drop.

Yesterday I did a tremendous radiator flush, my dad told me I shouldnt send mad pressure into the heater core. Put it back together and theres a leak still underneath, it seems likes its either by the trans or by the heater core. its antifreeze definitely..

any ideas on whats wrong?

In the winter I did my first radiator flush https://thejeepbank.com/2021/01/30/radiator-flush/


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