The Cooling System of a Jeep Cherokee XJ is the worst

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My 1999 Jeep Cherokee XJ went from running flawless into a cooling system devastating it in multiple aspects over night. In the winter time the heat was terrible but it didn’t leak coolant and everything was going great.

Saturday there was a massive rain storm and sudden onset hailing, my XJ rocked through it with ease. Sunday as I went to stores nearby to by to contemplate what digital camera to upgrade too..

I walked into Best Buy and looked behind me and there was a small amount of steam coming from under my XJ by the spot where the cab turns into the fire wall. Later on when I got home steam then again came out but this time from under the hood. I looked underneath and there was anti freeze drop.

Yesterday I did a tremendous radiator flush, my dad told me I shouldn’t send mad pressure into the heater core. Put it back together and there’s a leak still underneath, it seems likes its either by the trans or by the heater core. its antifreeze definitely.

This is a puddle of where the antifreeze is leaking from, according to a wise person after I posted on NAXJ.com a Jeep forum, “Definitely check the freeze plugs. Best way to determine if it’s the heater core is take it out of the loop by just running a hose between the heater fittings in the engine and see if it still leaks.” According to other wise people it could be the heater core.. The fact of the matter is now it gets up to 250 and leaks antifreeze non stop.

The Jeep Cherokee XJ Heater Core

Many Jeep Cherokee XJ owners suffer from the same thing and goto the Jeep Cherokee or Jeep Forums and post the same thing. It’s almost like reciting a biblical scripture, or handing down teachings from one generation to the next.

“I noticed that my heater would not blow air any hotter than luke warm. The first thing I thought was the heater core was hosed and needed to be replaced. But after doing some research it seems like I only needed to flush out the heater core. I saw a few excellent videos on how to do that, but I didn’t want to mess around outdoors with temps like that.”

“This last weekend I installed a new water pump, t-stat, t-stat housing, thermo sensor, the upper and lower rad hoses and also the coolant over flow reservoir. When I was done I flushed the entire cooling system. Then I filled everything back up, burped the system and let it run for approximately 45 mins to make sure there was no air in the system. I also let the heat run too, and it still never got hot and the Jeep never got to 180 degrees. I did put a 160 degree t-stat in, and maybe that was a mistake. But after all that, I took my Jeep out for a cruise with the heater turned all the way up, and still no hot air and the Jeep doesn’t get past 180 degrees.”

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