Can you use Razer Gaming Headsets for Podcasting?

As I’ve reviewed and used multiple microphones and ways to record a podcast, while at walmart I found the krakken razer headset on clearance for $15 dollars. Since I just upgraded my HP Pavilion Gaming 16s hard drive to be able to play Call of Duty Modern Warfare I felt compelled to buy this. I podcast with the JLab Talk Pro, but I was intrigued by how this headset would sound compared to my $150 USB Condenser Mic.

Now if you go to and listen to the episode 38 aka bonus episode you will find that the audio quality is not as good as any of my past episodes. While this headset has great sound for gaming, with it’s 7.1 Surround sound it isn’t great for Podcasting as the go to mic.

Secondly you have to download Razers Software and drivers to achieve the 7.1 Surround Sound quality for gaming, which is pretty baller. You can hear the foot steps of other characters in Modern Warfare extremely clear. For gaming this headset is clutch, for Podcasting not so much. But at $15 on clearance at Walmart it’s better than using AirPods to record a podcast.

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