Crazy Rudy Giulani

I watched 5 mins of Jenna Elliss and Rudy Guilani on the ever corrupt and hapless Dan Bongino show. Bongino is now making more money than he ever has in his life. Because for a year he’s mentioned Parler and built up the idea facebook and Twitter were corrupt. Parler is just fake accounts of Fox News and Celebrites posting what Bongino tweeted about. But the main stream accounts post something ompletely different.

This is Rudy’s Key Argument

Secondly Jenna Ellis pointed to the Federalist Papers by Alexander Hamilton issue number 68 as their argument. So how the hell did Republicans retain and gain seats in the legistlature if an outside company was throwing the election? Also, how did the company thats been doing the software since 2014 let Trump get elected in 2016 if in 2020 they are going to cheat him? This is my super power my gift, I don’t believe anything anyone says without fact checking them.

I fact check my boo with body language, I fact check conservative podcast show hosts with their own show notes. That they never acknowledge. Bongino used an old graph on mask wearing in the summer to support his claim, and ignored the same organization retracted the previous study. Then encouraged mask wearing.

Meanwhile Tucker Carlson only acknowledged for 30 seconds that they wrongly attacked Agnus Blaylocks dead husband of voting in the election. Yet she is an old school woman whos voted as Mrs. James T. Blaylock for 40 years. WXIA in Atlanta did an investigation. Fawk State TV.

Secondly, I can google and find a job that pays me to audit grocery stores. But Rudy G cant find out if a Four Seasons is a landscaping company or a hotel?

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