Dan Bongino The Great American Hero

So when I had my entire life shutdown thanks to Big Vag Energy Gretchen Whitmer, I like many other Patriots turned to cable news to get live updates and find out wtf was going on. I learned how to play call of duty, learned who was on CNN and my Trump love had me going on YouTube. Eventually out of boredom I had a trail of Sling that had Fox News since my Spectrum Streaming package did not. Then I became hooked, the George Floyd death, the riots, the every night something happening and seeing these dumb ass white kids burning down neighborhoods they didn’t live in. I literally had no idea who Antifa was but I hated them because I was told this was their fault. As someone who grew up in a Trailer Park on the border of Southfield and Detroit I knew that liqour stores can be a source of food when you can’t drive.

That’s gotta be fake news right? No, I actually knew people who used their food stamps at the neighborhood liqour store and had a tab for food there. So I immediately saw the enraged liberal mob called antifa as evil and became hooked on Fox News and thought that everything stated was correct. But then one night while watching Hannity, he introduced a Fox News Correspondent who changed my life. Dan Bongino.



That’s gotta be fake news right? No I actually knew people who used their food stamps at the neighborhood liqour store and had a tab for food there. So I immediately seen the enraged liberal mob called antifa as evil and became hooked on Fox News and thought that everything stated was correct. But then one night while watching Hannity, he introduced a Fox News Correspondent who changed my life. Dan Bongino.

The Great One Bongino
Trump is Dan Bonginos bitch… China bribes Dan Bongino to not fly to China

The passion, the intensity the fact this dude actually lifted and also left the secret service, and he’s telling you that Trump is right and also that the Left is ruining this country. Let’s look at an excerpt of his wikipedia to back up his stats, because this isn’t Huffington Post and we would never attack someone with Gainz like Bongino,

The Art of Bongino

Bongino joined the United States Secret Service in 1999 as a special agent,[5][2] leaving the New York Field Office in 2002 to become an instructor at the Secret Service Training Academy in Beltsville, Maryland. In 2006, he was assigned to the Presidential Protection Division during George W. Bush‘s second term. He remained on protective duty after Barack Obama became President, leaving in May 2011 to run for the U.S. Senate.[5]

Bongino’s first book, Life Inside the Bubble, about his career as a Secret Service agent, was published in 2013. The book discusses his experiences protecting presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama and investigating federal crimes along with his 2012 run for the U.S. Senate in Maryland.[6]

Bongino was criticized by former colleagues at the Secret Service for using his Secret Service background as part of his run for political office and for his claim of having secret information based on conversations he overheard in the Obama White House.[7][8][1] A former colleague criticized him for trying to use his proximity to President Barack Obama in his political career: “He’s trying to draw attention to himself and he’s hijacking the Secret Service brand. That’s all he’s got going for him.” Bongino said he had access to “high-level discussions” in the White House. Unnamed former colleagues said he “tends to exaggerate his importance on the presidential detail and exaggerate his proximity” and that “We don’t sit in on meetings at the White House. We don’t sit in on high-level meetings.”[7] In response to the criticism from an anonymous former colleague, Bongino stated “There’s nothing confidential in the book” and “It’s not a tell-all. It’s my tale of the Secret Service.”[9] He rejected Birtherism, the claims that President Obama was born outside the United States.[10]

His second book, The Fight: A Secret Service Agent’s Inside Account of Security Failings and the Political Machine was published in January 2016.[11]”

So let us get after it aka back on Track… But wait you made a post calling him fake and a fraud and you showed how he used an old article to show his stance on masks. So realistically why am I making a post about Dan Bongino, the man who failed running for office more than once? Because Dan Bongino found a better path and also is my inspiration. So Dan Bongino more than any Fox News host or correspondent can not acknowledge in any way Donald Trump may have lost the election. Dan Bongino’s podcast was what I listened to everyday in my car most of the summer, believe me nobody knows more about Dan Bongino than me. With my mandatory classes in college on psychology and sociology and then being in sales for a year. If you actually know me, I’m a spounge for knowledge and I get obsessed with being great by learning everything. 

So all summer long I made Dan Bongino inspired facebook statuses, I didn’t own a website. My website is actually not built to cater to one target audience, which is probably bad. So I ended up coming into heated debates with a Marxist a Bernie Sanders supporter. Someone who starred in Sicko, someone who is my polar opposite everything I didn’t believe in. Bongino would fly into Michigan right now and go into an intense debate with her that would last for 48 hours. Neither side tapping out… But I don’t have to stay on one particular view, I haven’t catered any of my sites to the right of left… and that first debate. Stand back and stand by I finally found a comment from Trump that I couldn’t keep battling people over. I still blame his COVID for it… but BELIEVE ME nobody had more success off that comment than me.

So Adrian my Marxist friend was moved by it… I have a serious girlfriend who I’m probably going to marry because of Dan Bongino. Bongino is a wise man, a man who found a market and capitalized on it and the Bongino Report and his podcast are his lively hood. Dan Bongino actually would be the first person to call out bullshit on election fraud being why someone lost. Except Dan Bongino is the dude who helped build Parler and Rumble, ask him he’ll tell you he has a fiancial interest in it. Dan Bongino is a Patriot a guy who probably would Get Big and take down an entire Proud Boys sect for trying to take assault an old woman with a Biden shirt and sign.

So I’ve listened to Mark Levins radio show and watch Life Liberty and Levin, Sean Hannity commits the biggest autricoigy in cable news when he calls low energy Levin The Great One. I guess like wise Levin couldn’t come out and say he’s a closet liberal… he actually only has one bit. Bongino could come out and say Trump is lying and totally switch to being a Marxist and within 5 months have a bigger audience. The dude’s passion and his ability to explain things while also selling his idea and not just telling people something like Levin or Hannity is what sets his 1 hour podcast apart from hours long national shows.

I say Trump maybe a racist and get called a traitor and told I have no back bone and then threatened to be attacked. I literally explained Trump support and viewpoints more intelligently than anyone else. I also voted for Trump, so Bongino don’t worry I will always vote opposite of the radical leftist I married. Need you to beat cancer and afficate the wedding. Yes, Dan Bongino has thyroid cancer and is being destroyed by chemo and hasn’t missed a show. Even though my passion was semi softened, this macho man almost cried hearing Dan Bongino had cancer. Let Bongino get that Trump interview to keep Trumps base listening to the podcast and supporting the sponsors. Dan Bongino took me from a dude in a 5 year slump to Making A Radical Marxist listen to his podcast and understand why Guns shouldnt be banned. Dan Bongino is the real Pick Up Artist, he could sell how to bang liberals into being conservatives at a higher rate than the losers sell their programs.

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