Dana Nessel Appreciation Thread


All leaders and Patriots, fighters for freedom… THE BEST IS YET TO COME. By that I mean this blog post about someone who for some reason I’ve started to develop a crush on. First I have a girlfriend and this person has a wife…. Yet Dana Nessel somehow has caught my attention with her swag. Maybe it’s because she doesn’t like men, maybe it’s because she shows Big Cawk Energy in every interview or photo online. I thought Jocleyn Benson was the runaway winner for prettiest Michigan official. But Dana Nessel just keeps owning people and having this smirk on her face.




Now while she is a leader on the front of Women’s issues and rights of gay people, that’s what should be focused on. So What does this post mean? It means that as someone growing up in the 90s that Dana Nessel actually changes what you thought about as a lesbian. Dana Nessel is not just a woman in power, but she also shows people that lesbians don’t all have to look like dudes. Her wife is beautiful too, for what it’s worth.


Realistically what I want to address is even as a Republican, Dana Nessel and Jocleyn Benson are two women under attack from my own party. Both are more than pretty faces, they are intelligent and passionate women who have made a difference in Michigan. While the ever corrupt and Fake News Professional Jesse Waters provides more fake news, no one notices how we should come together. Dana Nessel’s work should be appreciated by both parties because if there was any corruption in Michigan she would have brought it out. Then ranted about the corruption and fixed it.

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