Detroit Eatz in Farmington closes down.. Devastates RobDiddy

Detroit Eatz in Farmington closes down, cites issues with staffing during the post pandemic world. Closures and reductions in hours have become commonplace across several industries, including restaurants. A recent survey conducted by the Michigan Restaurant and Lodging Association indicates 9 in 10 restaurants are understaffed to meet consumer needs.

A relative newcomer to the Farmington dining scene is the latest area restaurant to close its doors. Turkey subs, Fried Chicken, quality coneys, Detroit favorites like Better Made Chips and Dearborn meats.. What do they have in common? They all could’ve been found at the former Burger King at 32704 Grand River in Farmington. A Burger King that before Detroit Eatz opened was most known for being a bathroom for people waiting on people to come out of Jamz drug testing in Farming Michigan.

Detroit Eatz, 32704 Grand River, posted on its Facebook page it was shuttering its operations permanently. 

“Due to staffing issues, we are permanently closed,” the post made Aug. 12 reads. A sign on the door of the restaurant also indicated it was closed permanently.

The restaurant brought a unique concept to the area: in addition to items like burgers and fries, the restaurant served plenty of deli options. Dubbed a “dreli,” or drive-thru deli, its ownership looked to carve a unique niche not offered by many other restaurants. The food was actually pretty good, I forgot about it until I would drive by and often thought about ordering but didn’t.


Background on Detroit Eatz

Want a half pound of turkey? You can get it without leaving your car? Need a quarter pound of muenster cheese for those lunches you’ll make throughout the week? You can pick it up at Detroit Eatz.

The decision to open a restaurant came last year for the family, when the Burger King closed its doors at the end of 2018. The family decided it was time to try their hand in the restaurant business, and since her father, William Schonsheck, owned the property, decided Farmington was the place to start.

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