Alex Rodriguez Is Great At Commentary

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As the dishonest media attacked Alex Rodriguez for making some bad comments in last nights broadcast of MLB playoff action. I seen a tweet from a friend of Gainz Media, The Great Matthew Dery and realized I needed to take a stand for ARod.

“MLB’s do-or-die wild-card playoffs should be the most exciting games of the year, but they aren’t when Matt Vasgersian and Alex Rodriguez are on the call. The pair (accompanied by reporter Buster Olney) are a chore to listen to on Sunday Night Baseball during the regular season. Those broadcasts feel like a baseball talk show competing with the game being played on the field, but the lack of focus on the game itself isn’t the fault of the guys in the booth. (It’s a production decision made by the higher-ups at ESPN.) What really makes those games unbearable is A-Rod’s uncanny ability to repeatedly say some of the weirdest things imaginable.”


Maybe its all the MLB The Show Ive played in my life but I’m use to Matt Vasgersian on the play by play. I feel he’s great, Alex Rodriguez just went through a brutal year of being made a fool of by Ben Affleck. Did The Great Ernie Harwell ever have his wife stolen by Ben Affleck? Did Al Kaline ever experience this? Back in the 90s when they dominated PASS Sports and Radio which ever time they were on channel. Truthfully it’s hard to keep track of how many times Ernie Harwell was on TV and then Radio then back to TV.

That was the kind of mistake that set the tone for the night. Fittingly, A-Rod’s final call of the night was saying that he expected Gerrit Cole to win Cy Young in his “sophomore” season with the Yankees. Sure, except that next season will be Cole’s third season in New York. He seemingly forgot that Cole was on the Yankees in 2020. Which was a really weird call to make about Gerrit Cole after A Rod has probbaly called 20 or more Yankees games in the last 2 years.

Beyond that the people calling for ESPN to dump the former MLB Super Star and Model Dater…

Rodriguez has been part of the “Sunday Night Baseball” booth for the last three seasons. He retired from MLB after the 2016 campaign following a career spanning more than two decades.

“According to Andrew Marchand of the New York Post, ESPN and MLB are close to an agreement to keep “Sunday Night Baseball” for 2022 and beyond, meaning the network can now decide how it wants to include Rodriguez in its long-term plans.”