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Robert Banker Originals.. Preview..Who Is The Electrifying Mr. Positive Of Detroit Radio?

I am known as the electrifying mr positive on Detroit radio and the inspirational poet nationwide. The man who calls into The Pride of Canton Michigan radio show Jeff Riger routinely.. Mr.P aka THE ELECTRIFYING MR. Positive. Some nonbelievers simply refer to him as Gregory, but he is the poet laureate of positive energy. Many see him as the shaman came to lead people into the belief that Peyton Manning is the greatest Quarterback of all time. Some say that he could touch Peyton Manning’s shoulder and give him another 5 years in the league.

The electrifying Mr.Positive has a profound presence on Facebook, however when it comes to an official website or other media presence he is a ghost. This photo was taken when the maharishi of positivity appeared out of nowhere in canton. 

Like any pillar of the community I have reached out to my sources to begin this profile/investigation piece. A man who MIBuzzboard.com is often called out to save shows. Truthfully, with the skill set and knowledge to produce a documentary that Matt Dery and Dennis Fithian would be featured commentating on is a tremendous thrill. Obviously I’ll just smell the air of sidewalks in canton Michigan to find dog waste leaver Jeff Riger and do a jump interview. 

97.1 The Ticket and Hour Detroit #1 Most Beautiful Radio Host in Metro Detroit Jeff Riger

The man who claims Same Old Lions for life and Mr. Positives enemy. Just kidding, this is just here to build Riger up so he contributes. I mean I was a pillar of SportsInferno.com Mike Valenti hates me.

3 thoughts on “WHO IS THE ELECTRIFYING MR. Positive?

  1. Anonymous

    Are you the same Mr. Positive that the late great Mark Scott filed a restraining order against you?

  2. Are you the same Mr. Positive that the late great Mark Scott filed a restraining order against?

  3. S. Berberich

    Mr positive is an annoying egotistical blowhard who loves hearing himself. He says he knows people who know Trump. Whatever. Everybody knows somebody who hates somebody. People love to run their mouths. People who weren’t at the scenes of crimes, weren’t privy to locations, jobs, information, we’re not ever near a person, persons, not part of any conversation. Happens all the time to business owners. People hate their success. Think they don’t deserve to earn what they do. Think they know how they conduct business, run their personal life etc.
    It’s called GOSSIP. To pass anything along that you don’t know for sure or didn’t see first hand with your own eyes, and hear with your ears.
    This positive bafoon makes me turn the volume DOWN. Until he shuts up. His whiney voice…I CRINGE and so do most WJR listeners I learned growing up not everybody is going to like you. This turd thinks anybody who voted for Trump cares about his peabrain opinion? We don’t love everything about “The Donald”, don’t love everything he says or does but he did do a lot of good. But keep on watching your commie networks
    Just for fun let me dig up some crap on you tell you what “I’ve heard, what “I KNOW” see how you like it. You make me sick. Bring a business owner or the head of anything other than your own little bubble isn’t easy. I cannot imagine running a country. A million shades of complicated. If you’re sooo damn smart…Mr bigmouth WHY DONT YOU GET ELECTED??? and just so you know I can’t stand you and have been listening to your boring drivel for years? I finally found time to tell you what I think of you. But it’s o.k. because you should know, not everybody’s gonna like you. I can’t stand you.

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