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If anyone was ever a member of which was founded by The Valenti and Foster show, yes I am that same Rob Diddy.

There was a day in October when I contacted an Academic Advisor at Schoolcraft to discuss what I was passionate about, what I had learned over my life. The things that I self taught all the way back to my Teenage Years, he told me that he felt I should be a lawyer before we discussed my age and student loan status. So he told me to look at what I could do for a career and be better than anyone else.

Metro Detroit

There are random things we all experience living in Metro Detroit or even Michigan for that matter. Things like Detroit Sports, Detroit TV and Detroit Radio. We know Tom Mazawey is Metro Detroit’s Grant Cardone.

Things like this….

“I am known as the electrifying mr positive on Detroit radio and the inspirational poet nationwide. “

The man who calls into The Pride of Canton Michigan radio show Jeff Riger routinely.. Mr.P aka THE ELECTRIFYING MR. Positive. Some nonbelievers simply refer to him as Gregory, but who is the poet laureate of positive energy. Many see him as the shaman came to lead people into the belief that Peyton Manning is the greatest Quarterback of all time. Some say that he could touch Peyton Manning’s shoulder and give him another 5 years in the league.

And also how Dennis Fithian and Matt Dery are two of the greatest pillars this community has ever had.

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