Detroit Style Pizza Reviews

Like any red blooded Michigan Patriot I love me some Jets, Hungry Howies comes in second. Papa Romanos in my eyes is a staple of my youth and teenage years, however there is not a location in Novi, Michigan.

The rationale behind this is I have wanted to try Pizza Hut’s Detroit Style Deep Dish. Thinking back on my life, Pizza Hut was the commercialized hype of the 90s. Trump and the stuffed crust pizza probably made you assume I liked not the case. The fact of the matter is Pizza Hut maybe the worst Pizza ever created. I mean you think about it, for the price you can snag something way better from somewhere else.

The least spoken of topic in Metro Detroit Pizza chains, is the ranch. Jet’s presents a custom sexy Ranch. Hungry Howies gives you pre packaged manufactured Ranch. The Jet’s Ranch sets off everything on the menu and makes the bread and Pizza more elite.

Why the hell am I breaking down Pizza? I cant find a topic to get fired up about lately. I also just ate Hungry Howies, we will touch back on this or like Jen Psaki says “Circle Back” to this. There’s not gonna be a food blog coming out of GainzMedia…. However I am about to launch a new jeep domain


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