Does Berkley Gulp Actually Work? Product Review

Berkeley got claims to be a alternative to worms that highly attracts fish and is supposed to improve the quality and count of fish that you catch. However does it actually work I have owned this product for a year and have not caught a single fish off it in fact I’ve seen fish not even interested at all for the cost of $4 this product is supposed to do more work than worms or any bait or tackle that is on the market.

Honestly using real worms is messy and alot of people dont like touching them, I myself use to be one of them until I got older and got over the fear. There is a long tradition of rubber products coated with “Bass or other fish Attractants” Berkely even has apparent Poet Laurettes and Legends of Fishing endorsing these lines of products..

“The scientists at Berkley have been working on PowerBait for years, constantly making it better. There’s absolutely no soft plastic on the market that catches more fish.” Larry Nixon 1983 Bassmaster Classic® Champion

However while using it at Kensington lake I began to get curious because I had zero fish coming to me after switching from worms to this I’ve used this countless times over the past year and I have not caught a single fish. So what is Berkley gulp yellow corn made up and what makes it actually supposed to attract fish.

Product Description From Berkley

Gulp!® Corn Nuggets are a standard for any tackle box. The imitation corn shape and flavor will keep the fish biting long after this bait hits the water. Gulp!® scent distribution is more effective than real corn at attracting the attention of hungry fish. The Berkley® Gulp!® Corn Nuggets Dough Bait is biodegradable so the corn won’t remain after your fishing day is through.


  • Corn shaped and flavored dough bait is better than the real thing
  • Gulp!® intense scent distribution
  • Biodegradable formula
  • Length: .25”
  • Weight: 1.5 oz.
  • Model: GCN
  • Berkley
  • Brand : Berkley
  • Country of Origin : United States of America or Imported

Dicks Website Product Listing

In fact there is a whole line of Berkley Power Bait items like this, in my opinion they are not worth wasting your money on truthfully.

Berkley Power Bait Review

Berkley Power Bait Line

Crappie Nuggets, Trout, Salmon and other nuggets targeted to specific fish types.

You wanted the original colors back, and we listened! Same color names made the way you want. And, with the Berkley® PowerBait® Advantage, fish hold on 18 times longer! Fluttering action on the drop, plus a bulky profile and PowerBait actives offer big bass a big meal. The Original Power Grub® is popular for all species. Perfect for a variety of applications, including jigs and spinnerbait trailers.

  • Fish hold on 18 times longer
  • Fluttering action on the drop
  • Bulky profile
  • Popular for all species

Classic Alternatives to using worms

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