Does The Left Realize Clean Energy Jobs in The Future Don’t Help Right Now

As CNN just displayed an incredible graphic, a wave of energy came over about what Dana Bash was uttering out of her mouth. A graphic caught my eye and as I promised from day one, GainzMedia will always share both view points. Even if I write it as a conservative, the idea of this is show both audiences the argument and stance for both. Today we discuss why Biden’s HUGE GREEN ENERGY JOBS PLAN, is bullshit for today. Regardless of how much the democrats and CNN anchors try to sound like a mother comforting a child.

So the average coal miner earns 62k a year and its been said the median income level for coal mining is 56k/. When you view solar panel installers they have a median income of 46k but demand is higher as well as future earnings potential. As a teenager graduating high school and for a solid career with high earnings potential, this is tremendous. More power to you, get after it and has a strong financial lifestyle as time goes on. However there is skepticism about if this will actually be as great as democrats and Joey B says.

But in 5 years and beyond not now

“Pipe fitters, welders, steel workers are needed on solar farms, so are sheet-metal workers and construction workers. Many of those positions are entry-level and go up from there as skills help workers differentiate. In fact, there’s often a shortage of skilled clean energy workers,” said Bob Keefe, executive director of E2. “Education is going to be key. We need community colleges to ramp up; we need guidance counselors nudging kids in this direction.”

There is an incredible amount of people working in fossil fuels.

It’s more than just coal miners, it’s oil refinery workers, tanker drivers and even people who work for companies like Consumer’s Energy.

Realistically the people who relay on this income to live can’t just wait til the demand in these jobs blows up and they can recover that 10k pay difference. A loss of $10,000 for a family is big, especially during a pandemic and with inflation starting to rev up.

Why don’t people trust Biden that the jobs will be there?

Solyndra my friend, people don’t trust the government or new things they may not fully understand. For the most part, people don’t know that even when the sun is behind clouds or it’s raining the batteries save energy. Meaning, the other 80% of the time wind and solar power is being generated without anyone knowing it. There are two sides to this argument, currently people need money and in the future they will too obviously, I’m not disputing that. I’m also not disputing that our climate is changing but also historical events we face today also happened in the past.

This is statics from the United States energy department I downloaded in a PDF. So wait… WE DON’T HAVE ENOUGH PEOPLE WORKING IN THE FOSSIL FUEL INDUSTRY??? It’s hard hiring people and there’s jobs available right now?????

Come on CNN stop being State TV, pitching the Biden agenda left and right, that’s Joy Reid and Moscow Rachel Maddow’s job. If you take the time to look at 2020’s job report numbers like I did, you see CNN and The Biden Crime Family are lying. They are using jobs as a tool to say you’re going to make life better, when in fact it’s gonna be a pay cut to the workers. It could be just a short term one, I’m writing this on the view of older people who have careers in in the coal industry.

But isn’t that racist Fake Jake Tapper?

You and are increasingly told that America is a racist country, that has police hunting down African Americans everyday. That republicans and anyone who’s ever said a nice word about Donald Trump is a white supremacist and at any moment an insurrection could occur.

Joe Biden Apostle of Love

“Shutting down fossil fuels, telling Jill Biden she’s the one for me… and he ain’t even planning to call”- Drake

Isn’t kinda weird to shutdown an entire industry that older white people work in, in some rural parts of America it’s the only job in town. Look at West, Virginia it’s the same as any Inner City if you look at the economic aspects, education and opportunity. In a time where we have a solid movement happening in police reform, momentum to make change. Why cause more division, create new resentments and also effect people of all races who are in the energy industry. That’s right the oil, gas, and coal industries touch every part America and it would also harm people that aren’t just old white guys. There’s older black, Asian, Latino and all races you can think of who take the horrible job as a coal miner to provide for their family.

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