Donald Trump Jokes in the Spirit of Chuck Norris Jokes

1. Donald Trump doesn’t sleep, Adder-all goes on Donald Trump binges.
2. Donald Trumps Diet Coke bottle is actually t

  1. Donald Trump doesn’t sleep, Adder-all goes on Donald Trump binges.
  2. Donald Trumps Diet Coke bottle is actually the tears of liberal snowflakes that sustains him and gives him ever lasting life.
  3. Twitter banned Donald Trump because they were winning like they never seen before.
  4. Twitter made so much money off of Donald Trump they banned him in order to redistribute wealth amongst poor people.
  5. After Donald Trump defeated the lunar eclipse and the sun in a staring contest, he handed over his sacred landslide election victory to question what else he could possibly accomplish.
  6. Donald Trump wrote all 101 Chuck Norris jokes, then invented Twitter to out of boredom
  7. Climate change doesn’t exist, the earth has warmed by 1 degree Fahrenheit every year do to Donald Trump loses a piece of his majestic hair.
  8. Trump Taj Mal was imploded when Donald Trump sneezed
  9. Donald Trump has to have his diet Coke’s opened and poured into a glass because if Donald Trump touches a bottle it breaks instantly under the strength of his tremendous hands.
  10. Donald Trump shook Ted Cruz’s hand and Much like Moses when the Ten Commandments were passed down to him in the mountains, Ted Cruz aged 50 years
  11. Donald Trump can’t actually grab a woman by the pussy, because his fingers give off eternal happiness and the woman would explode from orgasming
  12. Donald Trump once took off with Ben Carson’s luggage aboard the majestic Trump force one. Donald Trump paused the rotation of the earth and then like Superman flew down and gave Ben Carson his luggage back
  13. When The Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock, Donald Trump who was the first human ever created was informed god took one of his majestic hairs and created the human race.
  14. Donald Trump was created by god and then observed by god before any other humans were created in order for the entire human race to be passed on his massive success of creating human language, the wheel, the inclined plane, pulleys and levers.
  15. Woman divorce Donald Trump because he is the perfect husband and they feel compelled to allow the rest of woman kind to experience him.


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