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This good old exercise will never go out of fashion because it’s
one of the simplest and most effective exercises for busting belly
fat and toning up the abdominal muscles.


* You can start by either lying back on your yoga mat with your
arms stretched straight behind your head or sitting down with
arms raised straight above your head.

* If you are lying down, do a full sit-up, stretch forward and touch
your toes.

* If you start in the sitting position, simply bend forward and
touch your toes.

This exercise may not be as easy as it seems. Naturally, the more
belly fat you have, the harder it will be to easily reach your toes.
But as the fat gradually melts away, what an amazing sense of
accomplishment you’ll feel the more easily you’re able to touch
your toes!

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4. Med-Ball Slam-dunk

This explosive exercise is great fun – and great for toning your
belly because it requires the use of all the muscles between your
neck ad hips.


* You will need a one-kilo medicine ball for this exercise.

* Stand with your legs firmly planted on the floor, with your feet
shoulder-width apart.

* Hold the ball straight above your head.

* Take a deep breath and slam the ball down with all of your
strength, then quickly catch it when it rebounds.

* Repeat 2o times.

For this exercise to work, make sure to pack some real power
behind that ball when you slam it down!

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5. Planks

This exercise gets its name from the “plank” position, which
works several groups of muscles but particularly the abdominal

Planks is an endurance exercise that will really challenge both
your endurance and your focus.


* Lie down on a yoga mat in the pushup position, then lift and
support your body with your forearm and toes.

* Make sure that your back is perfectly straight and that your hips
are not touching the floor.

* Hold this position for 15-20 seconds, while fully concentrating
on keeping your body straight and balanced.

* Release the position and rest for 10 seconds.
Repeat the exercise 3-5 times.

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6. Leg Curls

This is a great exercise for burning belly fat and
toning the thighs as well.


* It’s best that you use a high chair for this exercise, or some other
elevated object such as a sturdy table,

* Sit on the edge of the chair or table and lean back with your legs
stretched out. If using a chair, do not rest your back on the
backrest when you lean.

* Bend your knees and raise them up towards your abdomen
than unfold your legs slowly to their original position. Keep your
muscles clenched tightly as you do the exercise.

* Repeat 8-10 times.

7. The Oblique Exercise

This resistance exercise is a great way to stretch and tone the abs.
It involves the use of two hand weights.

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* Stand with your feet slightly apart, keeping your back straight
and holding a weight in each hand.

* Begin the exercise with both hands holding the weights at your

* Slowly lean to the right side as far as you can. Keep your legs
straight and don’t bend your knees.

* Return to the starting position and repeat on the left side.

* Do 1o repetitions, rest for 30 seconds and repeat two more

So, did you expect the exercises to be this simple? Well, they may
be simple but they absolutely pack a powerful punch when it
comes to busting belly fat. Just don’t forget to warm up before
starting in order to prevent injury and muscle cramps.

Don’t worry if you are a bit slow at first, especially if you’re a little
bit out of shape. Don’t overexert yourself and rest between reps
if you need to. It will get easier as your muscles become firmer

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and you will gradually be able to ramp up the pace and the
forcefulness required.

So, what can you expect from these exercises, when can you
expect to start seeing results, and what is the best way to do
them? Read on

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