Fake Patriots and Their Insane Benson Protest

A Lot of times I get super fired up and pour out content for days and days then lay off of it for a few days to work on other media arts. Since it all leads to the finished product of what the whole plan is. Now while without me producing or looking, hits have come in which means SEO is working. So now I have found a topic to write about for tonight and yes it’s another current event related article. But thank you to those who check back for new posts everyday. 

So I want you to take a look at the people who have enough free time to find out where a politician lives. Then look at their social media feed and how many likes they have and then what news sources they post from. Instead of the same spirit of the Patriots who banded together to win World War 2, we find time to argue over an election. We have people who will stand outside in the freezing cold to bother an elected official who has never made a statement that divides ever. Who actually has the time to find where are official lives and show up protesting in front of their house? Both sides.. Why waste your time?

Did Trump being President really change things so much better than when Obama was President? Did things really get so incredible that Biden and Trump switching who’s President is gonna make our lives better? Does anyone of this even matter? Why should we waste our time on protesting elected officials when our fellow citizens are starving and dying of the virus?

Rudy gave his heart and soul to overturn the election and got the Rona, Trump got the Rona and everyone claims it’s a hoax. Clearly it’s not a hoax yet people just go on and ignore the virus complaining about an election loss. Yet you can’t even find evidence and credible sourced articles to prove your case. If I posted a research article about how Trump really won the 2020 Election I would probably have 70 million shares on social media. It’s all about creating noise to get attention and to get views and ad revenue. 


Stand back and stand by… Just stop accept the results. You’re not a victim, you just lost an election, it’s going to be okay.


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