Fitness Industry hit By Michigan Lockdowns

from CrainsDetroit

Burn Fitness LLC, whose owner bemoaned pandemic lockdowns and organized a workout protest on the lawn of the Michigan State Capitol last summer, is filing for bankruptcy.

Operating at 30 percent capacity has not been enough to make up for financial losses from being forced closed for nearly six months, said Alyssa Tushman, who launched her gym and yoga studio in 2010 and operates locations in Rochester Hills, Clawson and Livonia.

As part of the restructuring, the Livonia gym will close by the end of May. Tushman said it was “impossible” to work out a deal with her landlord Grand Sakwa Properties LLC, which sued the gym last year for missed rental payments and won earlier this month a judgment for $350,000.

full article- can be found here 

Sad the ownership of that gym is tremendous, after interviewing there twice those people didn’t deserve this. Great patriots who fought hard for our industry, they will bounce back like you wouldn’t believe. Probably even stronger crunch went through the same ordeal in 2009 but came back and expanded.


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