From The Desk of Diddles Tha Gawd Podcast Episode #38

First this is part blog part podcast show notes, as I hit episode number 38 of doing 20 to 30 minute podcast episodes on current events, politics and whatever the hell else I felt like. The Facebook podcast groups all hate on the fact I podcast from my heart and build a narrative and then present the counter point to it. But they have terrible audio and video quality and will never run the podcast game like I will. If you check the posting time, yes it’s 6:35am and no I didn’t sleep. I rotate sleeping 10 hours a night and all nighters or barely any sleep when I have a creative idea. I treat GainzMedia like a job, because it is my future.

Truthfully, since October when I launched and then relaunched I have been working nonstop. I read or watch videos on tech, I study how to do things and then practice practice and more practice. Last week I bought a Sony DSC-HX80 at BestBuy on open box, to go along with my Kodak PixPro AZ528. I don’t like how the kodak lacks the ability to monitor myself when I record. I have the ability to hit 4k on my Akaso Brave 4 and my iPhone XR so 1080p on those cameras isnt a big deal. I cant adjust it in Premiere Pro to look however I want without aftermaket lenses. In reality its about the editors skill not the camera price.

That is todays podcast episode… Nobody can tell you what you are capable of, stop talking about White Privilege and this disadvantage and that. I GET WHATS HAPPENED IN THE PAST TO MINORITIES ESPECIALLY BLACK PEOPLE IN THIS COUNTRY. Honestly, I could write, podcast and create videos nonstop about whoa is me, I grew up in a trailer. I was the only white kid in most of my high school classes, my nextdoor neighbors at one point were 2 white crackheads. Then a black family who I became best friends with the son and through his family learned a shit ton about African American culture here and in the south. The city of Southfield took my fathers home he paid off because Lear Corporation wanted to build a sweet new head quarters in Southfield. Brenda Lawrence ignored my email interview request, I can post the sent email. I have ZERO PRIVILEGE because I’m white, when I got arrested for two duis… No I didn’t get shot and killed. I was drunk and did what they told me to do, the privilege I had there is I look 12.

When you make excuses for your own situation, you are allowing yourself to have an out. High school drop out, Osteogenesis Imperfecta, 2 duis, spent a week in jail… Also Ive filed bankruptcy once and I’m about to again, I drive a 99 Jeep Cheorkee XJ and had to learn auto mechanics on the fly. My dad didn’t have the ability to give me everything he wanted to, but he instilled in me a sense of figuring things out and working with your hands. It’s actually more satisifying to fix or build something for me than selling a personal training agreement. Yet I coded this entire website and have mastered professional video and audio editing. I push myself relentlessly to catch up to those who have been doing multimedia content creation for years, so that in a year I match their 5 years of experience. Mission The Lexicon

Starting from the day becomes profitable, I will begin to mentor people who came from my type of background. People of all races and teach them how to create content and help them to find meaning in life and to have a bright future. This website also will teach people about tech, how to create online content from getting started on YouTube or all the way to making a website like this. The reason is, people need access to information and content creation tutorials in plain English.

Secondly, I doubt anyone has even read this far into this blog post but oh well. Things on the internet are there forever and months old articles get read. Honestly I’m just getting started.. Please PLEASE FOLLOW/SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube Channel.. it is free.

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