Obviously as someone with a personal training certification and Exercise Science degree there’s got to be a health section…

Articles on nutrition, working out and other health related topics. So I have a degree in Exercise Science and an ACE CPT certification. Despite being born with a bone disease and finding joy in my own health, during the pandemic I debated how to change careers. Having Osteogenesis Imperfecta limits how huge I can get.. However I know everything you need to know to help you with the certification process.
I also can help explain to you what a personal trainer actually does and how to prepare a workout plan for a harder client. 

Health Posts

  • ZOA Energy Drink By Dwayne The Rock Johnson
    This energy drink tastes so good, much better than any other energy drink I’ve ever had. FAKE! Real Review article
  • How To Become More Charismatic and Confident
    So You wanna know how to read body language and also gain self confidence and self esteem? So you wanna know how I became the person who can record himself and not give a single fawk about how people think about me? How did I become the person who can stand up for unpopular politic
  • The Mindset Needed to Overcome Adversity and Make Life Great Again (EP #39)
    Making excuses will get you no where in life unless you fail multiple times setting you up for success.. Welcome to the show that proves in America anything is possible. You are now about to hear the most inspirational podcast that exists online…. Where Giving Up and not relentlessly trying to become great is a
  • Remember The Six Pack Shortcuts Videos
    I was reading this article after finding out I have the entire PDF file of his workouts he produced during the 2010s. It was totally weird that dude just stopped appearing in his videos on YouTube. Then was suddenly replaced by another Asian man out of the blue. Was this #stopasianhate ? No this was
  • OI Lower Back Pain aka Sciatica Exercises
    So, to begin, low back pain is caused by as I stated occurred to me the piriformis being inflamed causing sciatica. Now the other issue that arises is that there is a weakness in the core musculature that causes the other muscles to over compensate. The original injury may stem from Gluteus Medius weakness or
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