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Osteogenesis Imperfecta at Age 37
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Honestly if you look at this website, its been a random article collage just learning how SEO works and how Digital Media works. Most of that time the pandemic made it possible to learn and still have money coming it, then use that money towards budget technology. Which like the kodak AZ528 brought in my first success and it continues to still today. Ive made money doing something I taught myself, its amazing but not steady.

So as I applied to jobs, media companies haven’t been responsive to my resume, but business looking for digital media producers or a social media manager have started too. The biggest problem I have come to realize is that when I was in college it was laid out to me how to start a business in general and as a personal trainer. I know what a Personal Trainer resume looks like, Ive hired and fired Personal Trainers.

So what I realized is I need to do more than gig jobs on the side of this, and if I can present my skill set and earn income while still perfecting my skills, its better than working in retail or something destroying my body. What I have to do is finish my portfolio and also being more imaginative. I love creating content, but I also know that there’s money in providing companies services, so I have to start making things that appeal to their industry.

Honestly.. if I have to create social media content for even my last job, its just getting more reps and building a portfolio of work and being seen as an expert. I need to start pretending that when I make examples on my portfolio, I’m 2019 Robert Banker. Why? because I need to show people what it would look like, what it would be mean to have me produce video edits, websites, graphics and SEO and how it would benefit them.

I have to start working out again also, and not like when I worked at LA Fitness I need start working out like 2014 to 2018 me. Honestly I contemplated going back to school for Media Design, but that’s a dumb idea. It just puts me further in debt and also pushes success down the road.