NPR Diet Culture Is RACIST.. Plus Life As A Personal Trainer.. (Season 2 EP#5)

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If you’ve made a resolution to lose weight or “get fit” this year, you’re in a very big boat.

In 2021, half of all New Year’s resolutions in the U.S. were based on fitness and nearly half were based on weight loss. We spend over $30 billion on diet products annually and an estimated 45 million Americans diet every year. I (Andee) know I have, and if you’re reading this, maybe you have, too.

There are an endless number of reasons why you might want to change your body — that holiday weight, your dating profile, medical issues, your new bathing suit — but the real culprit is usually diet culture.

Diet culture is that collective set of social expectations “telling us that there’s one way to be and one way to look and one way to eat and that we are a better person, we’re a more worthy person if our bodies are a certain way,” says UK-based body image researcher Nadia Craddock.
And, it’s a shape-shifter: You might think you’re not subscribing to diet culture, but rather are focusing on your health or fitness.
“It’s just a rebranding,” says Craddock. These days, she says, the diet industry has adapted its messaging to be less blatantly about appearance and more about the in vogue ideals of health and wellness. “But there’s still that very common error of equating health and thinness as one in the same,” she says.
It’s true. Despite all of the medical and media messaging shouting otherwise, thinness and health are not the same, and fatness does not necessarily equate to being unhealthy.
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Wow that’s a lot. They didn’t go into how obesity is the number one contributor to most health problems in the U.S today. While I appreciate a positive body image we must continue to strive to be “healthy at any size” by exercising and making better choices