About Us


Established in 2017 as a fitness first website, we have now shifted into a media production company as well as a blog. However the Health and Wellness content is now part of YourHealthComeBack.com/HealthComeBack.com. I went from 1 website idea into owning 3 domains and designing media, but I haven’t lost my passion for helping people.

Today TheGainzBank.com serves as the corporate foundation for the Gainz Bank Media,we also have founded yourhealthcomeback.com and thepoliticsbank.com. Which as we grow will take off as their own brand, stay tuned!

We will be also offering the service of helping you make a website and create content. If you want to speak about designs for Graphics or Websites message info@gainzmedia.com

The world needs a website that caters to random things like Jeep Cherokee, Politics, Sports, making fun of cable news anchors and Cats. But also some pop culture and some tool reviews, because why not. Lets get after it!!!

Also my name is Robert Banker, some people know me as robdiddy and this is my story.

The Greatest Battle of Robdiddy

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