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Home Workouts on YouTube

woman wearing white sleeveless top

So, you may have been inclined to wonder what type of exercises I can safely do while at my house well we here at The Health Bank have got you covered.

 Now we can use dumbbells, elastic bands, body weight exercises and even some yoga poses that can be done to help us to get the goals that we want to keep things about. Yoga increases flexibility and core strength core strength is essential to have because it takes a lot of low back pain away.



Flexibility Aspects

Furthermore, one of the great benefits that we can offer to help you with some beginner starting exercises with videos and text descriptions to help you to exercise safely and in a quality environment of your own home. Remember Flexibility is also extremely important to your overall health and wellness.

Kettlebell Exercises

The basic swing is the foundation for any Kettlebell workout the first thing you should know your arms do not power this move your hips hamstrings and butt can use a 15-pound kettlebell or light a wait if that’s more comfortable plant your feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart and hold your spine straight it is important take out.

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