How to Add A Boom Microphone Stand to A JLab Talk Series Microphone

I have Used the J lab talk pro for podcasting video creation and other things over the last three months. I’ve constantly wondered how I can get it to work the boom microphone stand because every time I looked at one in the store or if I see one online it always had a different mic holder.  After realizing the yeti and other worked with boom mic stands it hit me. Well, I came to the realization that even notice microphone is less popular than yeti’s and the other variations of microphones that are USB condenser mikes there are adapters that allow you to place this microphone on a boom microphone stand.

So if you look at the J lab series of microphones on the bottom part of them there is a stand that screws into the metal bracket. I’ve tried to create a microphone stand out of PVC pipe where I put the microphone stand into it AKA legs of the USB microphone stand at J lab gave to me with the microphone.  When I bought it but lo and behold, they always seemed to tip a little bit forward a little bit to the side I did get it down pretty good but I also felt that it was kind of unsafe.

Then I came to the realization that the Yeti microphone and other microphones that are USB condenser mikes like this all have the ability to screw into a microphone stand the one I’m using is the inner gear one from Amazon that which was $14.00 instead of hooking up the part for the dynamic mic all you have to do is unscrew that and screw it in directly to the bottom of the bracket of the J lab talk pro

if you’ve come to listen to any of my podcast episodes, I have been a huge fan of this microphone as it has been clear deleting background noise and also is gave me professional sounding quality once again I highly recommend buying the jaleb pro and now that I found the JLAB Pro Talk can use a boom microphone stand I am only furthermore excited to use it in different applications and agro my podcast and business with it.

Best Boom Mic Stands For JLab Talk Pro

  • RODE PSA1 Swivel Mount Studio Microphone Boom Arm.
  • Heil Sound PL-2T Overhead Broadcast Boom.
  • Blue Compass Premium Tube-Style Broadcast Boom Arm.
  • InnoGear Sturdy Microphone Stand.
  • DISINO Microphone Boom Arm Stand.
  • iksee Studio Arm Microphone StandMicrophone Boom Arm Desk Stand.

There’s an adapter here that comes with the shock mount. And just screws into this hole in the JLab Talk Pro or a blue Yeti. So the blue Yeti. There. Make sure you don’t cross thread. The regular JLab Talk Go is now at Walmart for sale.

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