How To Become More Charismatic and Confident

So You wanna know how to read body language and also gain self confidence and self esteem? So you wanna know how I became the person who can record himself and not give a single fawk about how people think about me? How did I become the person who can stand up for unpopular politic opinions, hit on hot girls, talk to anybody and be RobDiddy? Maybe how I went from sucking at sales to ignoring every ones teachings and succeeding by doing it my way. Or how I walked away from that job I worked my entire adult life towards to start my own company.

How To Read Body Language

When you think about reading people, you need to understand how to group each body language cue into one of two buckets: a micropositive or a micronegative.

A micropositive signals interest, curiosity, or engagement.

A micronegative signals nervousness, disinterest, or boredom.

In an interaction you want to see more micropositives than micronegatives. Every nonverbal cue you read is about deciding whether it is a micropositive or a micronegative. Here are 7 powerful body language cues you should know how to read in people:

Spotting Shame
There is a universal behavior humans do when they feel ashamed or embarrassed, and it’s super easy to spot. When people get embarrassed, they often touch the side of their forehead. (See video above for a demo.)

This is a micronegative. You see this all the time when people are embarrassed. Even animators recognize this as the universal shame gesture.

Why does this happen? It is actually a starter gesture for wanting to hide or cover up or block out what is happening. If someone is really embarrassed, the forehead touch turns into a full-on eye block, where they go from the forehead touch to the eye cover.

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Body Language Tip for You: Watch out for any time someone touches the side of their forehead or blocks their eyes. It likely means they are a little ashamed or embarrassed, and it might be time to back off.

I learned body language and reading people from the beautiful Vanessa Van Edwards who runs The self help books and all the mindset mastery bullshit did nothing for me, I got motivated by The Rock, Donald Trump and motivational workout videos. Why does Donald Trump appeal to me so much?

This is part 1 of the series of Donald Trump actually being a teacher and a person you can learn from.

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