How to Get My Discount on XSplit Broadcaster and VCAM


Here is my XSplit vs OBS Review and why XSplit is better.

In terms of recording high quality audio and video when trying to create a video podcast as a beginner on a budget, I needed to look into what my options were for using my JLAB Talk Pro as audio input and a camera not built into my laptop. The problem is somewhat my fault and somewhat me becoming an Adobe Creative Cloud dominate person, any software that I try to use that’s not like I learned on frustrates me heavily. I needed to try out some of the software programs that people have been using to stream video games on twitch and other platforms to see if I could do what I wanted to do.

What does XSPLIT Broadcaster Do?

Allows for video and audio capture for streaming or for a recorded video for YouTube or rumble. With using the VCam app on your iPhone or Android phone you can use your cell phone or tablet to operate as a Video Input Device on your laptop.

First off Let’s Review XSplit Broadcaster-

A powerful user interface offering limitless customization.
  • Simply drag, drop and resize a multitude of media sources like images, videos, GIFs and web pages! Add Skype calls with just a click or screen capture your Zoom, Teams, or Discord calls!
  • XSplit Broadcaster is more than just a screen recorder. Manage everything from a single monitor with the In-Game HUD or use multiple displays with our projector mode. Using OBS? Use our OBS Importer to get you started.
  • Start streaming to any of the top broadcast platforms with our native plugins or use Custom RTMP to stream to any platform. You can stream and record multiple outputs at once as well as use our built-in Chat plugins as well as using browser source to add web pages designed for live streaming alerts.

XSplit makes it way easier to add in Skype Calls, you just simple upgrade your Skype download to Skype for creators. OBS its more complicated and somewhat annoying. XSplit way better at integration for making a podcast or online talk show.

How to get XSplit VCAM and Broadcaster Premium on a discount

Use my affiliate link for a deep discount on XSplit products so that you can upgrade your Gaming Stream, Video Podcast or your YouTube Videos.

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