Is Brittney Spears Able To Be Normal?

As #FreeBrittney runs wild, everyone blames her father for dominating her life and stealing from her. But as her instagram shifts to what spammers who try to tell me to join a dating site better than tinder. I ask is Brittney much like myself, someone who needs boundaries in order to be normal. Does Brittney actually suck with decision making? Is she a 15 year old child mentally because shes never had to grow up? We break down all of what we know, as of July 25th 2021.

Allow us to examine her instagram feed of the last week. suddenly tits are out. The pride of Michigan Gia Paige wouldn’t even post photos like this for free. What does this mean? Brittney is much like a child getting candy or attention, shes acting out because she has some freedom now. Is she actually able to be a regular person without someone supervising her every move?

I ask myself is Brittney wilding out after the freedom she lost is slowly coming back to her? is she capable of being a normal adult? I question if her IG is now trashy and posts with captions that seem like straight off of a trashy southern TikTok is her acting out or if its her reality? Maybe she does need certain checks and balance?

But her father obviously has overstepped now we must ask is our freedom for Brittney passion whats best for her? Where is Dr. Fauci speaking out on this? Telling us that her mental health is good or bad? Obviously when it comes to anything medical we seek out a Dr.Drew in the past. Now it’s Fauci whose Americas premiere doctor.

This is satire… This is a joke

But seriously why hasn’t he chimed in on Brittney Spears? Hes advised on sex, love, baseball, racial justice and other matters.

Maybe before we rush to urging Brittney be free, maybe we should let the courts do their job and thoroughly investigate if shes on drugs or competent. Because shes turned into a fake tinder profile that sends you dirty pics in order to scam you. Those Quick Adds on snap chat that suddenly turn into porno ads and scams for your credit card that you can never get refunded for. Or so I’ve heard from Patriots on the interwebs and at various social media sites.

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