Kent Lake- Photography Gainz Fishing July 2021

Since we previously began an outdoors section, where we post fishing and review fishing and outdoor products. We felt it we should add to our Oakland County Fishing section. Our previous Fishing at Kensington Metro Park was unsuccessful, however today proved productive.

Yes there was another baby fish caught

To our astonishment we discovered that heading down Island Road near Hickory Ridge was the most productive area. There is an entire section of Kent Lake that is mostly unused by the recreational Kayaker, family picnics and cardio warriors. The bass and Blue Gill in this area were biting and also of better size and quality than the other areas.

Overall we caught 3 to 4 fish overall. Truthfully we are writing blog post because for 1 year, we have never caught a bass that was this sizable and also this man fish at this metro park back to back. Kensington Metro Park is best fished with worms and that any of the random bait. Keep it simple and you will succeed fishing at Kensington Metro Park and Kent Lake.

Next up we will publish a review on Telescoping fishing poles, specifically the Eagle Claw brand one.

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