Letter to Haley Stevens

Dear Rep. Stevens, 

I am reaching out to you during these unprecedented times because I have been studying American Government and specifically the constitutions effect on the government’s creation. As my local congressperson and my vote to legislature personal voice, I am deeply concerned about an issue. We are a country so divided that we can’t all just agree for 2 or 3 months to take certain measures to ensure that people we love deeply wont get sick. We have seen protests in the streets, an increase in domestic terror, all things we can fix easier than the Coronavirus. First I want to say that I have actually used concepts from my class to compare to what can be done to stop the spread of COVID 19. I have seen myself as a republican, yet not in the way of Donald Trump but Ronald Reagan. However the concept I am proposing that sees the constitution as a Living document is against even Reagan. 

In theory, the framers lost friends to things today that are easily treated by medicine because the advances in medical science did not offer the same things that today we have forgotten. The framers also wanted nothing more than to ensure someone could never overly tax them, take away their freedoms or their civil liberties. These same Patriots didn’t know what a satellite image would be, meaning they didn’t even know what states would look like in reality for a map. They also never knew the sure land mass that would become America or that there was another ocean to the west. So they built the structure of our government to ensure that emergencies were handled on a state by state basis, or more in detail by city and county leadership. So after over 200 years later, the same American might that cures disease created a technology so great that we can communicate with anyone at any moment. Ronald Reagan once said “America did not seek this leadership in the world, it was thrust on us”. Yet We’ve gone from the leader of the free world to a country that’s a COVID 19 super spreader, and has never seen a total stop of the virus. Frankly because the very men who created this foundation of government made it impossible for the government to have a uniformed national policy to handle something like COVID19. While a democrat complains about saving the future generation and the planet, a republican is ranting about frackening. In reality the actual thing we need to be worrying about is ourselves and the people we love. 

Now that I have built value into the problem that we face, and built value into why there is a need for a solution. We need an actual amendment that takes into account the dire need to address a national health or economic crisis that calls for a method of addressing the biggest crisis facing the country. Governor Whitmer on a state level put us in position to actually be safe, except she was almost kidnapped and left on a boat in the middle of Lake Michigan. Meanwhile Nationally she was ridiculed by President Trump and mocked on every conservative news or opinion show. Yet the second her orders came off everything blew up, meanwhile people don’t think the rise in case counts is real, they think it’s to make Trump lose the election. Realistically I’m going to give you three solutions that need to happen, to Make America Great Again. By that I mean the day before Trump won the election, when at least people could agree on more things than they disagreed on. 

My Proposed Amendments 

1) An addition to the constitution of the country and a clause in every state’s plan that allows for the people to be explained a current crisis on a national media or internet outlet at the same time. With actual evidence presented as to why this Provision that no one wants to happen is going to happen. Honestly people panicked anyways when the Coronavirus started to happen in this country. If need be aside from just the federal legislature maybe each state’s highest elected State Legislature official or Governor have a vote on the Nationwide mandate of say a Mask. When we are told the truth and have sound evidence given to us, only then will any entire group of people all go along with something. This also makes it almost impossible for the Law to be enacted in any way that puts a dictator in charge of the Country. Also there should be a revision to it every 20 years so that information not known at one time is taken into account for the next 20 years. 

2) The FCC has control of the broadcast television networks that are widely available in every american home. To quote Trump “The time for empty is over, now is the time for action”. There needs to stop being an overload of opinions of politics that goes nonstop one side. We have the ability to go on youtube and make a playlist of the things we agree with and want to hear. But we can have a Cable News Station be controlled by the President’s views and never give an opposing opinion to what’s said by someone. CNN has traditionally been the middle ground, then The President saying they were fake news drove them down in ratings and they now swing to Democratic opinions. There needs to be a rule where both sides have to be presented equally, also as we actually realize that a Binary Choice in Politics is also not working anymore, they also get equal air time. The airwaves of our local media shows a weird video of you by a Super Pac supporting you opponent that no one actually cares about. But it plays to the Fox News Viewers unyielding view that if you’re a democrat you’re a radical progressive. 

3) This isn’t meant to hold the common man out of being an elected official. We have age limits 25 for Congress, 30 For Senate and 35 for President yet there seems to be one

thing lacking. If I have to do credit counseling before and after Bankruptcy filing, why is there Zero Educational Requirements based on how the government works and The Constitution’s meaning. We don’t even need it to be hard, we just need the person who’s elected President to know what he or she is doing. Plus there needs to be a decency clause in the Elected Officials Public Statements because this is terrible. 

I appreciate your time in reading this, if we don’t act now to create a way for a general national way to handle COVID 19. Every 3 months when the antibodies go away, someone who goes on vacation or a business trip can now be sick with it again. Also for what it’s worth, if the government creates regulations to stop fossil fuels and fracking or fossil fuels before we finish handling this Pandemic we will be sadly crushed. Jimmy Carter took away the gold standard so we don’t have gold securing the money we print. Oil and Gasoline exports to the other countries in the world may be the money that helps the country end the virus. In the next year, the amount of people already hurting from business shutdowns is going to only grow. We are going to have an easier time by exporting a resource that’s widely available, compared to battling over tax increases. When taxes go up do to inflation when this is all over its just going to lead to more rich people being mad and throwing money into candidates who are going to have them pay less taxes. 


Thank You, 

Diddles r

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