Light Stream The Alternative to OBS and XSplit Full Review

As I have begun playing Call Of Duty Modern Warfare on my PC, there is two things I’ve contemplated.. Does RobDiddy become a streamer? Does RobDiddy start doing live podcast broadcasts with video? Btw if you are wondering. So I have been experimenting with OBS, XSplit and now Light Stream Studio. This review will focus on if you should use Light Stream over OBS and Twitch.

Lets be real as a podcaster I want to do videos kinda like TimCast, XSplit and OBS kept making my audio into my mic echo even when the app wasnt running. I also make republican Tik Tok videos and those videos and followers would be appreciated by the followers.

So as a streamer or a podcasts you want to know how to do a video podcast or how to record phone calls. Read my tutorial and breakdown on my design service website.

Host your live show with guests

Invite guests on to your show for interviews, panels, podcasts, product launches, and more. They can even share their screen. All with a simple link they can open in their web browser. Professional live streaming from your browser. Build your ideal layout. Bring on guests remotely. Advanced creative possibilities made easy for anyone.

This is how picture in picture looks in a broadcast app.

LightStream The Clear Winner

LightStream is flawless and so simple to use when compared to XSplit, Open Source Broadcaster and Twitch Studio. It had zero issues with my Jlab Pro Mic, My webcam or even when I used a capture card to record video and audio. There was ZERO echoing through my headphones plugged into my microphone. Why? LightStream is based in your browser not on the computer as an application. There is no software to download and its just a simple Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge extension. Plus their customer service is so much better, they are great with customer service to.

How do you get LightStream? Read our other Streamer/Content Creator Tools Reviews below.

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