Make Political Satire Great Again

Now that is taking shape as a media company providing various types of content. Plus acquiring a new health blog, I’ve decided to dedicate a page to political satire because I love it. It’s been the base of every single funny video I’ve ever made. This website is now dedicated to solely Satire… can run with Opinion Blogs and news since it’s supposed to be a hub page for all the other outlets of my dream.

The Life Gainz RobDiddy Podcast focuses on health, motivation, technology and my views as a moderate republican. Yes there is room for democrat satire on this page please email

I’m attempting to use GainzMedia as a source of change and I believe that laughing at the craziness of our country from both perspectives is important. The entire democratic party can’t have all the late night tv shows. It is not a fair and balanced system when one side is telling the others whats funny and how to feel. For The Satire Based Videos

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