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The Best Fitness Motivation Quotes of 2021 

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We Post all of our Motivational Videos on Rumble and YouTube… Here is a sample of some of them. 

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Because even Larry King was a Motivational Speaker-

“Best Example is a Baseball analogy because it is the best sport. You are a baseball player, and if every 10 times you come to bed, you get two hits, two hits out of 10. You are in the minor leagues. If you get three hits out of 10, you are in the Hall of Fame. Never give up. Every block down is a block up. Every misfortune is a fortune. Get off the porch. Do not give up if you have got a goal in mind and someone can tell you not to take that goal and you believe it. You do not have a goal. Stay on course.”


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The Biggest Collection of Fitness Motivation Quotes and Images




CRUSH BARRIERS: How to easily create your own custom  programs to avoid training plateaus that bog down results when using the same routine for too long. I had to include this to give the finger to the money-hungry fitness magazines who promote the bullshit “one size fits all” workout templates that are only effective for juice monkeys.

Training SMART is the name of the game…I’ve carefully scheduled “Deload HIIT” workouts that spike your fat burning hormones while allowing you to recover from heavy weight training. You’ll be shedding away fatty soft spots WITHOUT taxing your nervous system the way most personal trainers do it.

How to build a body that women want to fuck and gets respect in the gym. You’ll be training like ancient gladiators who pushed beyond their genetics limits to build muscle that’s aesthetic and useful for survival.

Why look like shit half the time? Instead discover the best alternative to cutting and bulking that actually lets you burn fat and build muscle at the same time, so your body stays beach ready year-round.

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