Netflix Movie Sweet Girl Review

As part of GainzMedia expanding to be more like a news and entertainment site we begin RobDiddy movie reviews. Sweet girl starts off confusing but turns into a movie that is exciting, carries your attention and leads to an incredible plot twist.

Heres the deal with what Sweet Girl is about, without laying spoilers out.

For the most part, the movie plays like a fairly standard revenge thriller after it wastes no time in setting up its premise. After a cold open, the movie flashes back a vague “years earlier” to establish that Momoa’s Ray Cooper is an outdoorsy family man whose wife, Amanda (Adria Arjona), is very ill.

They’ve tried everything (and used up almost all of their money) in an attempt to cure Amanda, and just when it looks bleakest, Ray – and the couple’s daughter Rachel (Isabela Merced) are given one last hope in the form of new drug Spero, made by a pharmaceutical corporation called BioPrime. Now the vilian in the movie is BioPrime and also the founder/owner it also leads into a unique tale of bodyguards and hit men being hired for protection.

However, when BioPrime’s CEO Simon Keeley decides to shelve the life-saving medicine, Amanda dies and it sets Ray off on a revenge mission that starts with him threatening – on live TV, no less – to kill Simon.

Sweet Girl Ending Explained-

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