Netflix Show ATypical Ending After 4 Seasons.. Netflix is A Disaster

Ive silently celebrated the Dramatic and Comedy Acting of Michael Rappaport, a man best known for Twitter arguments and calling people Duke. However when hes not busy getting canceled by Millennials on Black Twitter or his weird friendship with someone named Dean. Michael Rappaport has revitalized his acting career beyond guest appearances on Law and Order SVU and other guest spots.

Atypical is centered on Sam Garners life, a teenager then maybe young 20s with Autism, his EMS father played by Mike Rap and Jennifer Jason Leigh as his mother and his sister runner/lesbian/teenager Casey. Sam also has a weird girlfriend and a Indian America bromance with a dude named Za-heed.

“Netflix family drama (and sometimes comedy) Atypical follows Sam Gardner, an 18-year-old boy who has autism.

But rather than being a show about autism, Atypical is about Sam and his family: his protective sister Casey, helicopter mum Elsa and ‘doing-the-best-he-can’ dad Doug.

TV critics have praised the series as “perfection” and “relatable“. Other’s have called it “warm-hearted” but “inconsistent“.”

Autism Realism

There’s a commonly used phrase when talking about autism spectrum disorder (ASD): If you’ve met one person with autism, you’ve met one person with autism. That’s because no two people are alike, so it’s little wonder that while some aspects of Sam — played by non-autistic actor Keir Gilchrist — strike a chord with some, others just can’t relate.

Fixation on specific things was spot-on (From ABC News)

Karly said Sam’s fixation on certain things was a constant struggle she had.

In season three, Sam becomes obsessed with the statistic that “four out of five autistic students don’t graduate college within four years”.

He is consumed by the idea that he will become that statistic — and his narrow focus was something Karly related to.

Crucially, Karly said her interactions were different from Sam’s because she is able to “mask” certain behaviours.

Masking (or camouflaging) describes certain behaviors people with autism adopt to try and fit in with those around them.

(Editors Note: We will respond to this lightweights articlde)

Why I Love ATypical

Casey is a stubborn bish, however she cares about one thing more than anything else in the world… Sam. The love she shows for him and even him being the only person who breaks her out of depression is touching. Casey discovering is a lesbian and then bi-sexual, young Sa-heed getting testicular cancer after essentially being Indian version of me. Truthfully the show covers real life, Michael Rappaport is actually a great actor as a middle age father with an autistic son a cheating wife and dynamics of real life. The show actually used comedy and drama at a level that should have been on regular tv. I found that he broke through his stigma of a White Dude wanting to be black and showed his acting chops. Jennifer Jason Leigh as Elsa was incredible, there is a story arch where those two could be a center of an entire show and without his parents Sam could be featured solely.

Much like any of you, I get caught up in shows that you wouldn’t normally expect me to like. The show does have some elements of it that are getting played out, however there are always ways to inject life into a show. There are things that Sam could have experienced, one key topic of this show was Elsa cheating on Doug. They were apart for a season than got back together. They brought out Elsa’s mom and there is an entirely new storylines that could have been explored. There are more elements that could have been laid out and explained, essentially Netflix a company with hundreds of original shows and movie reruns is failing here.

But then there is Casey, a competitive runner, a regular teenage girl whose confused with life. Technically she represents many teenage girls in middle America the problem is this show was able to capture these struggles in a way that wasn’t over done. Blackish tries to hard, Modern Family did the gay struggle with Cam and Mitch well. Truthfully as this entire post is out of the normal for me. MAKE ATYPICAL GREAT AGAIN

Netflix Total Disastrous Decision


Netflix is banking off of the Pandemics subscription boost and lets be real a lot of us still are in our pandemic routines. Netflix will win on this because the episodes will live there and one day it will get popular again, but the real issue here is a multi dynamic show like this is important.

Side note, truthfully I have Osteogenesis Imperfecta and truthfully I don’t need a TV Show that has someone with OI falling down and breaking a leg or their face every episode. Maybe the deeper truth is those of us with disabilities need to see people who are said to have a disability doing well and not fully suffering because it shows us hope.

Netflix Needs To Realize

I Robert Banker… RobDiddy.. Diddles Tha Gawd aka Gainz Gawd don’t actually ever fully watch Netflix series unless I personally like them. This is one of maybe 10, I don’t get caught up in a show because of social media because I don’t share the same interests as other people. Money Heist started off good then ended up being the dumbest thing on Netflix, I watch most of top Netflix films. Why Movies not series? I hate the fact a series starts out on Netflix then disappears for 6 to 12 months. For the most part give me Call of Duty Modern Warfare type action and Im invested in a Netflix Film.

Does it really matter to them if one show isnt banging out as much money as others but people watch it enough that it made it 3 prior seasons? Cant they take a poll? Or better yet if that poll returns enough people want to see a certain show continue have a go fund me run to generate a Tip like we give waters in order to appreciate the people behind it and make the show viable?

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