New Section ALERT! Outdoor Gainz.. Fishing Information and Outdoor Product Reviews

Much like everyone else in this country I have a very diverse set of the interest so this website caters to things that I’m interested in because it makes it easy for me to stay focused and make posts. So what are my passions that people may not know about is that I love fishing and kayaking so this section is dedicated to the outdoor activities that I engage in. Also giving in depth product reviews tutorials and lessons on how to do things in the outdoors and how to overcome fears and possible hesitations you may have. You can always follow us on social media at @GainzMedia or @robdiddy to see all of the activities that we are currently engaging in.

Now I’ve made a section for my fishing and outdoors activities that I enjoy… also… I have started doing product reviews of baits and fishing products. and a guide to fishing in the lakes of Oakland County..

Kensington Metro Park has been subpar but more spots will be broken down.

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