Brett Favre Leaves CNN Anchor Kate Bouldan Awe Struck

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Currently penis picture sending NFL legend Bret Favre is promoting a youth football PSA…. BUT TODAY HE LEFT A CABLE NEWS NETWORK ANCHOR SPEECHLESS.


Brett Favre urges no tackle football for kids under 14, later raises ‘uncertainty’ about COVID vaccine



Favre’s comments on COVID-19 vaccine

Favre trusts the science on concussions and CTE, but not so much on the COVID-19 vaccine. Kate Bolduan, anchor for CNN’s “At This Hour,” asked Favre on Tuesday why the NFL is having trouble getting all the players to trust the vaccine.

“There’s a great deal of uncertainty,” Favre said via Mediaite. “You hear one thing one day, and you hear something that’s totally different the next. And this is from experts, experts on both sides of the argument. The vaccines that have been administered within the last six to eight months didn’t go through a 20 or 30-year human trial study that the FDA requires.”

Favre didn’t specify what conflicting information he’d been hearing or where he’d heard it from. The FDA does not require a “20 or 30-year human trial study” before a vaccine goes to market. The clinical trials for all the available COVID-19 vaccines were done on tens of thousands of people using strict scientific standards, and the vaccine has since been given out safely to tens of millions of people.

Bolduan asked Favre if he’d been vaccinated, and he declined to say.

“I’d rather not say one way or the other. It’s not my place to say get the vaccine or don’t get the vaccine, I think that’s a matter of choice by all individuals and that’s why we live in America.”

“If you’re concerned about it, go to a professional who has studied that field. Not just a medical doctor, someone who knows a lot of information. Do your due diligence and then make your decision.”


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