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Make Your Bones Great Again

My name is Robert Baker I have a degree in exercise science and technology from Oakland Community College, I have been accepted so Madonna and Oakland University for their exercise science program. Beyond that I also am ace certified personal trainer I specialize in special populations disease and disability exercise programs. It has been my life’s work helping people to achieve great success and building back bone density helping them increase mobility and changing the overall everyday functional capacity their lives. I am the foremost expert in Osteogenesis and Osteoporosis exercise programs, I have done it for myself and now it’s time time for the reincarnation of my Gainz.

OI Bone Density

Aside from that I broke 80 bones my life I was born with a broken foot my life is born of challenges. I have suffered from Incredible Social Anxiety and lack of social skills. Now I am a confident man who is the most charismatic and confident person most people have ever met. Now I am putting together an incredible package of not just exercises but life lessons to help you to build your life back better. Yes, my friend I will help you every step of the way with my educational to wait background and my experience in this industry. I will help you get your confidence up I will help you to get laid. I will take you from a nervous social anxiety wrecked person whether you have any childhood disease or anything that has set you back over the course of your life I will teach you how to be confident how to believe in yourself.

Osteogenesis Imperfecta Exercise Plan

So this isn’t just me posting workouts that are for just anyone…

If you are in a wheelchair there are going to modifications for you, if you simply are like me with type 1 we are going to start in a similar spot. We are going to begin basic at home stuff and advance forward because this can also help people in wheel chairs. I know since I’ve trained several of them, even Spinal Stenosis patients.

The owned domain is going to have the posts for this workout plan. Yes it is mine, there is still no charge at all.

The Essential and Complete Osteogenesis Imperfecta Exercise Guide


Muscular Endurance/Strength-

Planks -60 seconds to begin

Oblique/Side Planks 30 seconds each side to begin

Though it maybe seen as more of a physical therapy maneuver, I would work with the client to work on his ability to draw in. Basically, sucking in his gut while breathing, this would help to Improve his core stability. Building improved core endurance will help the core muscles to improve performance during his workouts and allow for increased strength. Simply doing back extensions or any core exercise without increasing the smaller muscles endurance doesn’t take the pressure off the vertebrae.

Glute Strengthening

Exercise Ball Squats against the wall, 25 reps (if client can perform) 2 to 3 sets if the client is able


to perform.

Abdominal Strengthening Exercises-

Crunches with a band attached to a fixed object

Resistance Band twists, band attached to a fixed object. Working to isolate the abs without bringing the hip flexors into play.

Drawing in the abs- I would have the client do 20 reps of drawing in his abs while still breathing, to help the client, use his abs and isolate them. Creating more strength that will allow the abs to function properly.

Lordosis and Pelvic Tilt-

The exercises above will help return the client’s core to being strong. The low back pain can come from hip flexor dominance and weak core muscles. We can modify a sprinter lunge with weight to create a dynamic stretch to help the hip flexors lengthen again. I would want to work on lengthening the client’s hip flexor complex, build glute strength and stretch the hip flexors also. We want to do ab exercises that take the hip flexors out of the situation to create more isolation on the abs.

Workout Plan-

Foam Roll low back, hamstrings, quadriceps, hip flexors including the TFL. 2 sets of 30 seconds

Dynamic stretching of walking lunges to activate the glutes and help to build strength within them.

(Cardio based upon his goal, I would use the exercise bike or AMT to not cause any more alarm reaction in his low back and tight glutes.)

3 sets of the following

Plank 60 seconds

Side Plank 30 seconds

Press Ups- beginning to build low back strength 2 sets 25 reps

Hip Thruster Draw ins Draw ins 25 reps 2 sets (I want the client to begin correcting the Anterior Pelvic tilt with this)

Exercise Ball Squats 25 reps 2 to 3 sets

Clam Shells 12 rep’s x 3 sets

Front single leg pulls/pushes

(I would use resistance bands if the client is able, so that we can build his gluteus Medius and take pain off of his lower back)

Crunches with band (band attached to say the smith machine so that the hip flexors are taken out of the equation)

Oblique twists with resistance band


Dynamic Stretching-

Supine Rectus Femurs Stretch

Child Pose from Yoga

Planks again but low back lower to take tension off of the low back

Supine Piriformis Stretch

OI Nutrition-

So this part is hard online and easier in person, if we are looking to gain Muscle Mass we want to take in more calories than we exert. We need to also eat higher amounts of proteins and take in amino acids from vitamins and foods. We are going to visit Dalton at MiNutrition to get the advice of a expert in vitamins and supplements.

Self Esteem-

So, to begin, low back pain is caused by as I stated occurred to me the piriformis being inflamed causing sciatica. Now the other issue that arises is that there is a weakness in the core musculature that causes the other muscles to over compensate. The original injury may stem from Gluteus Medius weakness or tightness. The over active muscles are the hip flexors, erector spinae and the latissimus dorsi. But aside from the NASM definition of Anterior pelvic tilt problems and the lordosis, we need to find a corrective exercise plan for the client. I would work on strengthening the Abs without involving the hip flexors, because the hip flexors can be overly dominate and cause more pain.

To develop a treatment exercise plan for the individual we need to focus of the core, issues that arise in the core often cause these problems. The lower portion of the core is the Gluteus Medius and Gluteus Maximus, weakness in this region causes over compensation and low back pain. If we go with straight squats we may increase strength, but not every client is going to be able to perform this off the bat. So, I would stretch out the client whether it be through foam rolling or dynamic warm-ups. I would use body weight air squats to start off with the workout, if the client can’t perform this comfortably. I would use a exercise ball against the wall to make the squat easier.

My goal for the client would be to build strength is all of his glute muscles, thus fixing his glute stiffness. Then working on things such as hip thrusters to correct the anterior pelvic tilt. I would incorporate flexibility exercises to lengthen the muscles and fix the length tension relationships. I would use this guideline for correcting the pain and weakness before transitioning him into heavier workloads. As we discussed, dependent upon his strength and improvements I would add or change variables. Things such as bosu balls and exercise balls can create better stability and fix the core strength.

GainzMedia presents make your bones your life ladies and gentlemen gains media and Rob Diddy will make your bones great again we will make you believe in yourself again we will make you get so tired of winning at life you are going to win like you wouldn’t believe you are going to have an entire new course and new sense of optimism as a new tide rushes over you there is going to be challenges along the way but together we’re going to create a new destiny and a new path forward because in America we can choose our dreams this is going to be the first free offering in a signature offering of games this is my life’s work I will build you up I will check in on you and I will make your bones great again beautiful then lie

Over the course of your life, you will go through challenges much like this bonus aside from that you will go through challenges; socially, professionally, academically that you do not deserve. You will want to put your head down and you will think why this is happening to me. The thing is all those struggles and all of those failures helped to shape who you are to become because my friend God is a righteous path for you you have just not found it yet.  So, the other key principle the most important thing aside from building up your bone density. Is we have to make you a strong confident man or a woman what do I mean I want you to not think of yourself as that kid in a wheelchair. I need you to push forward and not go through some of the pains I went through I need you to believe in yourself and I want to take you through every step. That will help to make me this confident man who I am today some might say King some might say that I am an asshole and I’m overly confident. But that’s OK that’s just their opinion never let other people’s opinion dictate what you do never let the fear of not being liked or being called names hold you back from chasing your dreams.

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