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So LA Fitness or Fitness International is the greatest pyramid scheme ever created by man. Does Louis Welch actually exist or is he just a dead guy they continue to speak about? A booming company that underpays personal trainers and rips off members and personal training clients. An organization that gives no cares about it’s members after they sign an agreement, that also is significantly downsizing and restructuring its staff. while telling the employees how great they are doing and how they are rapidly expanding and need more managers, yet the new clubs aren’t opening as planned due to covid.

So, over the course of the pandemic I have spent. This pandemic is trying to figure out. What is going on with my life? I spent time with my family. I spent time alone. I had sleepless nights because I was so bored all day that I stayed up all night. I had times where I was lonely. I started thinking about it. Game of life. And what was I doing besides going to work in a job that I didn’t like? Regardless, if it was LA Fitness, YMCA, or anything that I’d done to that point. I found that my greatest satisfaction, but I was at work was the amount of calls I made. The amount of appointments that I booked, and I didn’t really like the sale part. Because what I found was that what happened was people got locked into something that They eventually didn’t want and on the other side of it, keeping those people in line so that they didn’t cancel, and also that they were getting the customer service that they deserved in answers to their questions, because after all their customers.

Lifetime is actually no different at all, Crunch sells shorter packages but still makes people buy in bulk.

I sat in front of my computer and I started thinking about the whole. Why is that we were dealt the way COVID-19 to avoid gyms the way? People got personal training the way people were now separated from the personal trainers and the fact that people could afford it. With my virtual trainers, like from peloton order to track and have somebody who has no idea What their condition is. It’s just some high energy actor coaching them through workout, insert and stuff without helping their form without giving them workouts they need based upon their own specificity. Limitations. What we’ve come to is personal training is an industry. Where when you care about the people and you do things right. You get ****** and you make no money when you’re an *******. You only care about your personal money and your personal wealth. You become rich, Not rich. You have someone you are doing alright. You might make 75K, but you might become the bitch of the company and must move across the country randomly.

Now another part of the Services Bank will be providing health and Wellness resources that people can access in home at a low cost of vertical price without having to subscribe to a long term commitment or buy high end expensive equipment that clutters up their house. The Services Bank will offer personal training via zoom in your house or workouts done outside that are professionally advised and coordinated for your goals and your body’s unique characteristics.  As the coronavirus has gone on and gyms to open and they closed, they opened again and group fitness classes went away. A lot of us have last our progress and our dedication that we used to have myself included. What I am going to build and offer is high quality personal training that is tailored to the individual because I will conduct assessments that are going to be at the beginning.

Because this online virtual trainer is a standard run of the mill exercise video from the 80s, so to speak. On an order track, do not have the ability measurements with you and also assess your unique body. We will use zoom and if possible socially distance workouts outside or in your home to assess for at progressive.

The problem is with big box gyms. They are currently losing money and the people that signed up for contracts pre Covid 19 shutdowns. Members are being forced to stay in a prepaid plan that expired. What people do not realize and the gym does not tell you personal training is not a product that you buy and you make installment time. Personal training is a prepaid product that you pay for ahead of time or at the time of service and use.

Personal Training is a Prepaid Debit Card/Cell Phone

Think about a prepaid cell phone bill. When you buy minutes, you have a period of time to use. Those serve those minutes. Now, if those minutes are expired. And your billing period would not take place until the 16th of the month. You’re out of minutes until then. Or you could buy more minutes and add on. However, the big box gym makes you feel that you have these sessions and are obligated to go along with them. Now people don’t realize they can change their credit card number or cancel their credit card, and Jim has no way to get a hold of them to fix it. So LA Fitness and Lifetime have their own collection center that attack calls just as aggressively as. Bill collectors why? Because they don’t make that money in less. The session is actually used. In reality, when people buy personal training and contract at a big box gym, what happens is the money is essentially in a pot that is LA Fitness or any other gym. Past the hold on to but cannot actually burn through because they are obligated to give you the product that you paid for it.


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