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ACE Test Prep kit

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Above is the ACE Exercise Science review booklet for the 2018 ACE CPT Test.



Your new client Mary has been exercising for the last 5 months for 30 minutes 3 days per week at an intensity equal to 4.5 METs, has no metabolic, cardiovascular, or renal disease, no signs or symptoms suggestive of disease, and she has not been to her doctor for a physical in over 2 years. Mary would like to increase the intensity of her exercise program to the equivalent of 6.5 METs. According to the ACSM preparticipation guidelines, which of the following would be the most appropriate suggestion for Mary?
A. Continue with her current exercise program and slowly increase the intensity over the next 2-4 weeks after first getting medical clearance.
B. No medical clearance necessary, and she may increase her intensity.

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Articles on the ACE Fitness website, this one on battle ropes is interesting.

Battle Ropes Energy Study

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The ACE Personal Trainer Exam is a combination of ACSM and NASM. It will get you the same job and pay a NASM Certification will.


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