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So this website features some content that’s geared toward Personal Trainers, while some of it is based on Politics. Why? Because if this works out I want the truth about what it’s like to be a Personal Trainer to be out there. Not the Certification Organizations sales pitch or the corrupt Life Time and LA Fitness stuff. I basically much like many other Exercise Science Majors have a worthless degree and a worthless certification. I made more as a Retail Stocker while going to school than I did as a Personal Trainer.

“Now. In your own words, what is metabolism? We boost our metabolism. That means we lower Our body fat, one part way of losing your metabolism and is by adding lean body mass, do you know what Lean body mass is?”

If you earn a degree or a certification in anything Personal Training or Exercise Science, LA Fitness is foaming at the mouth to hire you and overwork you. Take away all of your free time, give you a 12 hour schedule disguised as a split shift and work you like a whore on the corner. The make it easier for you by brainwashing you into this process/script, preached on by Vice Presidents, when there is 60 Vice Presidents and Louis Welch is more mysterious than Jimmy Hoffa.

“.Everything you’re saying is everything that combines for weight in your body. That’s not fat… OK, muscles, bones, organs and skin right now I can’t give you more bones, organs and skin, but I can give you a little bit more muscle, right? So if I add 1 pound of muscle to your body. We’re gonna burn 50 calories at. Per day. At rest now with your height, your weight in your goals we need to build a total of 10 pounds of muscle. At this point, you’re burning 500 calories. Per day at rest makes sense now I know what you’re thinking”

You will say that line at LA Fitness more than Donald Trump ever said “Fake News: in one day, you basically become a robot all just to make $100 if you break the barrier for commission. Believe me, I make more money off of this Media company than a Vice President at LA Fitness.

What the Poet Laurette of LA Fitness never brings up is that Bedros Keullian is better than them..

Now they will pitch you to read personal development and sales books by the Apostles of Sales. John C. Maxwell and other lightweights, like Grant Cardone. Cardone would sell his family to make money and feel like he doesn’t have a 3 inch cawk. Constantly the dream of being rich is sold to you so that you sell the dream of fitness to customers. Here’s the kicker, word has spread about the corruption and the pyramid scheme. LA Fitness needs you, they have to sell you in order to keep you.

Obviously starting with Personal Trainer Sales I will explain all of the processes, scripts and forms there may even be a more elite layout as a digital download. The truth is sometimes you need to use your first amendment rights to fight against a corrupt system. One that a simple search of the regional Vice President provides you with a self absorbed loser.

The point of this is my texts have been flooded with people upset that their contracts ended and they were still being charged. As they bleed money they rape their members to stay a float, as someone who had every chance to go back and was begged not to quit… this is all I can do.

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